If you don't know this already, Ryder totally cracks me up.  Recently:

Me: Rhodes if you don't come on, we're going to leave you.
Ryder: If we leave Rhodes here and we have another boy baby, I'll just name him Rhodes.

Ryder: When we are grownups will our names still be Ryder and Rhodes?  Because isn't Ryder and Rhodes a kid name?  What was your name when you were a kid?

Rhodes can be funny too these days

While putting the boys down for bed they wouldn't stop chatting with each other. 
John Michael: "Don't. Say. One. More. Word."  
Rhodes: Word

They were at my moms the other day and she said Rhodes fell down from trying to climb up a stool (like one step) and he cried out, "I dropped!"

If I've taught Rhodes anything, it's to sneak money out of daddy's wallet when he's not looking!

Ryder swings frighteningly high.

He asked me to get off the swing before I broke it.  Because 30 year olds are too big to swing.  I love to prove him wrong!

The children's library got real quiet when school started back.  With my two in there, thank goodness nobody was in there trying to read... or study... or stay sane.

After he knocked nearly every book off the shelf, I think he thought he'd run over to the next section to do some more damage.


When T and Jeffrey came home, the boys went to stay in Vaughan and got some farming lessons.

Meanwhile, John Michael killed me in tennis.

So I treated him to chicken wings.

And then we just hung out.  It was chilly out for August.

When we went to pick them up I got some lessons of my own.  How to feed a baby calf.  Yes, that's really me.  No, I did not photoshop myself into the picture.



Back yard splish splash.  Goggles required if any type of water is on, even a water hose.

Ryder's chip choice at Subway was "burritos."  It just really made me laugh when he said, "I luuuuuv me some burritos!"

Soccer season is upon us.  We're not real sure what we have gotten ourselves into.  Nine Saturday mornings during football season.  And we coach (he).  So no backing out of games now!

Rhodes better enjoy this now because I'm afraid his daddy won't be signing him up when the time comes.  Sorry pal.  We'll do other fun stuff with you on Saturday mornings!

Ryder and his new k4 teacher, Miss Julie at Meet the Teacher.

After organizing the blocks below in every possible way you can organize, he moved on to making people out of the blocks.

Yep. That's my BABY on his first day of K4.

Sitting in the carpool line dropping Ryder off for K4 was worse than any year I've dropped him off.  Even when he was just a little baby!  I've been dropping him off for almost 5 years.  I guess it's because this is it before the real stuff happens. Yuck!

Rhodes and I did a little shopping and he found quite the telephone.

Papa and Kayla took the boys to Chickfila and I got a good couple hours!

"And to the right are the zebras and the flamingos."

We have an awesome neighbor down the street whose son just so happens to play high school football.  So we have been able to invade her pool this football season so far!  We could definitely get used to having a pool at home.  Man!!!!

Ryder truly impresses me with his drawing skills. Baby elephant.

This was right before he made his famous "souffle" as he called it.  He mixed up ice cream, water, sprite, raisins, goldfish, and a peanut butter granola bar.  Then he put it in the fridge for 2 hours.  Then he tasted it.  I made him go outside in the grass when he tasted it just in case he barfed it up.  I think he should stick to sports.... maybe soccer isn't that bad afterall.

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