Guns N Toys

Rhodes is happiest when he's free.

Rhodes likes to help me check in the preschool kids at church.  Well, he really just likes to sit there and look cute.

Ryder and Ford talking construction.

Can barely get Rhodes to play in his very own sandbox.  But if there's one elsewhere....

We had a tube checkup for Rhodes.  Ryder found a "kid" magazine and was over the edge reading his "comic book."

Doc swears he's never seen a 2 year old so eager to say AHHH.

The face of a child who is trying to tell his mother she forgot to buckle his carseat.  At least 5 minutes driving.  Not proud of this major oops.

Rhodes is so particular about his apparel.  He approves and disapproves of his pjs.  If I dare put him in a jon-jon, he pulls on it so hard that he's ripped off the button.

"Wone "F" (eff for alphabet pjs)

"Gimmie F"

I'll quit crying if you give me "F"

no caption needed

Don't worry all, I did change his pjs.

The night before this photo, as I was tucking Ryder in, I told him that the next day we could paint his piggy bank elephant and also that at some point we would go swimming.  He proudly marched into my room as the sun came up wearing his swim trunks and holding his ceramic elephant.  The child who never forgets.

OCD people can't miss a spot.

If you can't yet dive for rings, wear 'em.

Welcomed my last high school friend into the 30's.  Happy 30th Mandy!

John Michael went deep sea fishing for the weekend.  After I had spent the day running many errands with the boys, he called and asked me to stop by the hardware store for something.  When I walked back to my car.......... (as you can see, it had been a long weekend).

But we made do.

And he caught us some dinner.

God has blessed me with two brothers who love each other as BIG as they know how to love.  It's amazing.

Mommy and me fun day!  I promised them a day full of activities.

Ryder wanted to include his invisible friend in the photo. (not really)

As soon as we got in the car to head to the Natural Science Museum, I texted my dad to see if he wanted to join.  As always, he was on board!  And I enjoyed the company and help!

I wish this was "pretzel" was clearer.  But when we passed this little display, Ryder exclaimed (very loudly), "Look mom, someone pooped out a pretzel!"

They enjoyed the aquarium much more than the exhibit.

Next, we went to meet aunt Kayla at the splash pad near her house.

And then got a sno cone.  Treat!

After we got home and the boys got a short nap in, we went to an impromptu extended family dinner and swimming.  Good fun!

We love aunt Beth's pool!  i fotgot Rhodes' swimwear (again, it was a long weekend), but I didn't forget his floaties!!!

Sometime around 2 a.m. the other night, Rhodes woke up for the second time.  It was John Michael's turn.  I heard JM creeping back into our room and I looked at the clock and it was 6 a.m.  He said he and Rhodes fell asleep on the couch the whole night.  I couldn't miss an opportunity to see that sweet thing sleeping on the couch (a first!)

Dangit!  Forgot to put the phone on silent before I took the pic!

Gym childcare.  Sweet bubba.

My $15 toy box slam packed with awesome boy toys.  Thrify.

They dug and played and dug and played.  It must've gone on for over two hours.

You win some you lose some.  Ryder dresses himself head to toe these days.  But sometimes he messes up.  Busted on the pot.

I really do feel guilty taking my boo bears shopping with me.  So I always feel obligated to let them pick something out.  What I love about the new outlet mall is there is a playground to help with the bribery!

And riding machines!

We had a double time party for this lady.  Birthday and goodbye :(

Until Houston....

Everyday accessories.  Arrgh.

Motivation for anyone (I mean everyone!) who has a junk drawer.  It CAN BE DONE!!!

Ryder's sweet heart saved a heart shaped leaf for me.  Mmmmmmmm sweet thing.

Ryder needs shades to read his Bible.

I have never had to deal with this in my life.  Ryder has never so much as drawn a spec of marker on his body.  I don't like it!!!!!

Winner winner chicken dinner at Chuck-e-Cheese.

Operation share a bed - night #1
Rhodes cries and wines to get in bed with Ryder every night.  I never thought it would work but I was tired of the fight so I gave in.  We are going 5 nights strong now!  With lots of floor cushion until I can get a rug.

My least favorite object on the universe.  And my baby is learning how to use it!!??!?!?

August got down to the high 60's.  Hammock appropriate.

I even got a turn.

Ryder's love note to me. Keeper.

 Because we can't say goodbye to the Bryant's enough.  We said goodbye again!

More lovin at the gym-care.

Not gonna lie... if Rhodes slept more often during these situations, everyone would be alot more happy!!!

Rhodes removed his diaper.  And he's WAY too early to be tired of diapers.  And WAY too far from being potty-trained.  We've got a problem.

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