Fishing, Golfing, Swimming - it's Hot!

Twinsie Tuesday!  No really... Ryder was already dressed (in something else) and I went and dressed Rhodes.  Ryder saw that Rhodes had on a shirt that they have alike, and went in his room and changed. Sweet or what?

Ya'll.  I try to be a good disciplinarian, but when you have your chillins 24/7, sometimes you just let things go.  That's where good daddies come into play.  Mine sees the chillins before and after work and has much more patience with disciplining than I do.  Hence Rhodes' timeout session at 6:15 a.m.

Fishing buddies.

Non-fishing buddies.  Gotta hang with him while I can.  Won't be long before he's after those fish too and then I'll be left hanging!

I'll tell you who's got large appetites.  These fellas.  Eating me out of my house.  Now they just help themselves.

We had an anniversary on June 23.  Seven whole years with this wonderful man!

I really love these sweet things.  With my whole heart.  Now if they could just keep this act up all the time, we would be set.

When you are desperate for blondness, you do what it takes.  Because of time constraints, the only way I could make it work was to go get it done and then drive home and have my head in shampoo and water within 35 minutes.  I had a 35 minute drive.  Then I had to get the kids out of the car and situated and then jump in the shower.  Not only was a hoping I wouldn't get pulled over, or stopped at a red light next to someone I only kind of know, I was also hoping my hair wouldn't fry off.

I had my first experience shelling peas.  Ryder was good at it!  Rhodes enjoyed either taking out the peas and throwing them in the fire pit, or grabbing my bowl and tumping it over when I wasn't looking.  But it was a fun family affair nonetheless.

Shouldn't the pool be a happy place?  It is until the kids have to split a bag of cheez-its since I forgot two packs.  Will never make that mistake again.

As always, Ryder catered to Rhodes and handed it over.  Look who's happy now.

John Michael and I went to see Robert Earl Keen, us and everyone else in Jackson with a bald spot.

We are close to wrapping up all of our friends 30th birthdays.  Kristen hosted a delicious brunch and we celebrated Courtney's 30th.

Father's Day lunch with Papa!

Kayla and I are so thankful for our dad and all that he does for us.

Ryder drew a family photo at lunch...

Sunday after church we got to to celebrate Granddaddy and had a little slip n slide fun.

Rhodes was having a little tantrum on the way home.  John Michael was trying to make him laugh but when that didn't work, we just made ourselves laugh to drown out the commotion!

And then, CC was so sweet to treat us to Cock of the Walk to celebrate John Michael and Poppy!

There was a bit of a wait on our food.

So they found something else useful for their plates besides food.

Man, these little boys are blessed with a daddy like they've got.  Like WOAH!

Look at these cuties golfing together Father's Day weekend.

Load'em up.

When John Michael sent me this picture, I thought my heart would explode.

He might not can hit the ball worth a flip, but he looks cute trying!

Just out here beatin the heat with these stickers.

Ryder would rather be at the pool.

I'm not afraid.  Two lovable superheros live at my house.

Remember that time Rhodes actually wore his puddle jumper at the pool?  Oh wait... he's pulling it off.

I've managed to get him to wear a life vest though.  As long as he has a few toys to distract him, he barely realizes he's wearing anything.

He's getting so brave! (2ft deep water).

Ryder took two weeks of swimming lessons.  And I have to say, the boy can pretty much swim.  Thankful.

He could hardly wait to get there each morning.

The beached whale was just doing a little practicing himself. 

My mini burrito all sunned out.

After one particularly long swimming day, we were all three famished.  I ordered pizza on the way home and as always, those pizza fumes just got to us.  They were both screaming pizza (I was screaming it on the inside).  It was steaming, so I did what any good mother would do.  The a/c pizza cool down technique.

If Ryder wants to wear boots with shorts to church in the dead of summer, so be it.

We had the wonderful experience of getting to watch our dad be ordained as a deacon in his church!  I'm so thankful to have a Godly man for a dad and I'm so proud of all he has become.

The boys stayed in childcare during the service.  When I walked down the hall to get them I felt sorry for the nursery workers after smelling the ungodly scent that engulfed my nostrils.  Then, when they handed Rhodes over to me pant-less......

Ryder and Gaines keeping each other dry walking into the gym.

Ryder went on his first sleepover to Gaines' house.  After we got the news that they are moving to HOUSTON (insert sniffles), we decided we better get these bff's together as much as we can.  Melanie did a good job documenting his first sleepover experience.  She said he tore up his taco salad and of course he requested bananas and pineapples to be mixed in.  Only my child.

The gym offers apples as you leave.  Unfortunately my kids spotted them as we were walking in.  They couldn't go into the childcare room with them so I had to sit there until they finished.  Have you ever seen how long it takes for a baby to eat an apple?

Afterward, we grabbed lunch and were headed back to the pool.  Until this happened.

That's a good dad right there.

It's the sport for all ages AND genders! And hopefully it's something we can do together one day.

Getting Rhodes fitted for Anna Terrell's wedding didn't go as well as planned.

Saturday night at the Olde Towne market was sweet.

They clobbered a sno cone while we waited on our brick oven pizza.

And we just had some good old fashioned fun on the brick streets. Small town fun is the best.

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