Rea Party of 2

Anna Terrell and Jeffrey's wedding has come and gone.  I'm sad all her fun festivities are over but I'm happy they finally tied the knot!  We kicked off wedding weekend getting manicures with the wedding party.

When I got home I figured I better have a little dress rehearsal for the boys since they had their pants hemmed.  Well thank the good Lord I did.  Ryder's pants were somewhere between his ankle and calf.  I called my dear friend and neighbor in a panic and she fixed them in a pinch.  I knew better than to tell Ryder we were having a situation because I know my son... and he would've had a panic attack and would've not put the pants back on for the wedding.

Their rehearsal dinner was in Yazoo City at the No Smoke Smokehouse.  Very cute little establishment.

One big happy family!

My studly date.

Saturday morning was so fun all getting ready together.  I grabbed my phone real quick as Anna Terrell was coming out in her wedding gown for the first time.  I love the looks on her friends faces!

Beautiful bride and mother of the bride!

Still getting ready.... 5 hours later.  There were a lot of girls to beautify!

Finally the bride could take a break from hair and makeup and photos galore!

Then the little ring bearers arrived.  Big huge props to aunt Cynthia for keeping them that afternoon so they wouldn't have to be at the church all day.

Proud grandparents and proud parents of the bride!  Don't they all look spiffy!!!

Handsome little lad getting his ring bearer accessory!

The day has finally come!  Can't tell you how many times Ryder has asked when he was going to be the ring "bear."  I didn't break the news that he wouldn't actually carry the ring until right before.

Rhodes was throwing a fit right before the wedding (teething) so he wasn't in attendance.  I'm very thankful for my dad for staying in the nursery with him so he wouldn't cause any disturbances...

Once they were hitched, the wedding party took a trolley to the reception.  It was near 105 degrees in there, but we made it!

The hot and sweaty Wilsons were ready to get there and get our dance on!

First dance was to none other than "Queen of my Double Wide Trailer!"

Sweet father/daughter dance.

Rhodes was enjoying watching everyone dance.

So glad I have a close up of that dress, is it not amazing?

I'm glad my mom and George brought the kids to the reception for a little while, but I'm not gonna lie, I was happy when they left!  Whew!  They were both fussing and whining and way too tired for all that jazz.

It was a perfect wedding and such a fun reception.  Every single person there had a blast.  Kudos to my mother in law for all of her hard work planning this wedding, it was absolutely fabulous!

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