Matchy Matchy

Somebody needs pool access. PRONTO!  
Oh.  And he's real into dressing himself now.  And in true Ryder fashion, he takes his wardrobe very literally.  When I say to pick out something that matches, please believe he's going to LITERALLY pick out something that matches.  Photo evidence above.  Red shirt.  It MUST go with red shorts, right?  It matches!  Yes, this is with each and every outfit.  So when you see Ryder dressed in blue shirt with blue shorts, green shirt with green shorts, you get my drift.  This is why!

We were trying to take our friends a housewarming dinner (my favorite housewarming dinner - PIZZA!!!) and Rhodes couldn't take the domino-licous fumes any longer.  He had to dig in!  (I didn't complain when he only took a few bites).

While we were running our pizza over, Ryder and John Michael went fishing.  Keep in mind this was one of those chilly spring/summer nights.  I was a little concerned when I received a video text of Ryder jumping into the lake.

When Ryder is going somewhere he feels he should look "handsome" he will wear a hat.  Better believe if Ryder wears one, Rhodes better find one for himself.

Fun celebrating our neighbor besties birthday!  Happy 2nd birthday to Kyle!

Next up, family shower for Anna Terrell and Jeffrey! Getting so close.

Racking up.

Party got real exciting when the goat riding came out!

Well, Ryder's gotten ahold of the selfie button.  He's really serious about it too.  I have to delete many, many pictures every week.

Ryder says he's making a "grass angel."

Bennett planned a surprise party for Kayla's 27th birthday!

Then, the next day she was coming over and first stopped by my moms because it's on the way.  I got the scariest call from my mom that she had a wreck right as she was turning left into the neighborhood. Her car was totaled and she was taken by ambulance to the ER.  She didn't even remember the wreck :( A sweet National Guard man pulled over to help and that's his shirt in her lap that he took right off his own body to help her stop the bleeding on her head.

I got to Baptist as fast as I could.  Leave it to me to liven up a bad situation.  I just smiled and tried to make her laugh the whole time.

Thanks for Papa helping watch the two crazy boys in the Baptist cafeteria so I could spend some time with my baby sis.

And is there anything better than your mama wiping wound-junk by your side?  Very sweet and eye-opening experience for all of us.

Ryder said he was nervous to go see Kayla, but he was so sweet when he got in there.  When my mom walked us out to the car when we left, the last thing he said to her before she shut the door was, "CC, take care of Kayla, ok?"

The next day was Rhodes' last day of Mother's Morning Out.  Look how much he's changed in 9 months!

Mother's morning out ran a week later than preschool, so me and Ryder had two days of one-on-one time.  We started by going to the library.

Then, unfortunately I had to drag him to the nail salon.  I was leaving the next day for the beach and believe me, a pedicure was necessary.  Oh, he didn't mind.  He would choose movies on the iPad before anything in the world.  So I didn't feel too guilty for dragging him along.  Does he look concerned to you?

Then we went to Rhodes' last day of school party.

And to end the day, we went to the grocery store.  Not because I needed anything, because I didn't.  But because that whole week I told Ryder they had just gotten kids carts and that I would take him.  Big mistake because sometimes I forget he doesn't forget anything.  ANYTHING!  So that afternoon I told him we would go and i would let him pick out five things.  I think this experience can go down as the top five best times of his life thus far.

When Rhodes got tired of riding, it was a fight who was going to push the cart. Thank goodness this happened at the end.  Could've gotten ugly.  My boys have started the dreadful "fighing/arguing." Ugh.

 Next day I headed to the beach to celebrate Anna Terrell's upcoming nuptials!

Bride and the matrons of honor (the old married ladies!)

Dinner night #1

Beach day with our very tired bride who was clearly trying to catch up on her beauty sleep.

We basically had to hold this girl down to put a veil on her head.  She's not much for the bachelorette dress up themes FYI!!!

Can you go on a bachelorette trip to Orange Beach and not visit Flora-Bama?

Perfect, laid back dinner at The Gulf.  Yummers.

Got home late Monday and did a little gardening with the fam.  Or maybe I just a few photos.

We have been enjoying cucumbers, snap beans, squash and zucchini.  Looking forward to all the other goodness that hasn't grown quite yet.

We attempted story and music time at the library.  I was real worried about Rhodes but he proved me wrong.  He was all over this!


Ryder was so enthused by his instrument that his hands are blurry for the photo... so. sorry I can't comment on which one he is using.

Their patience wore thin during arts and crafts time.  Once crayons started getting thrown (Rhodes), I had to remove ourselves from the situation.

We have to pick the garden at least every couple days.  If we don't, out zucchini and cucumbers end up looking like this!

Reagan and Ryder are always coming up with strange things to do.  Since they were dirty they figured it would be a good idea to fill the cooler up with water and wash their feet.  He adores this little girl.  And they are always finding something to get into.

John Michael couldn't resist buying Ryder his own clubs.

I could trust Ryder with my most prized possession.  I have no doubt he will take care of his clubs as long as they last.

 Saturday morning we went for a little ride and stumbled across this little gem of a restaurant.


Ryder's art skills are something fierce!!! 

Little man loves to snap those beans.

Neighborhood strolls stop at the water each time.  Got some fishin' lovin boys on my hands.

Ohhh and the outcome of the garden.  So yummy in my tummy.

Sunday I got to have a fun lunch at Kiefer's with my dad and Becky.  And then we all went to see Shrek the Musical at New Stage.  It was super cute and even better, something different.

Mini shrek

Baby shrek

Rhodes was steadily catching water into this Easter egg from the drain and drinking it.  Like the child even likes water.  I would give anything for him to drink water from his sippy cup.  But when it comes out this way.....!!!

While I was gone to the beach, John Michael got a little antsy.  Stir crazy is an understatement.  He felt they needed some excitement so he decided on this contraption.  It's actually been very nice to have late in the afternoon when they are bored but it's steaming hot outside.  They stay in for a long time.

Surprise 30th to Kristen!

Little dance time at the library.

Get low.

I only get smiles this large when I put the camera in selfie mode.  It's my new trick.


You should try it too.

I've been putting it off for over a month, but the heat has gotten to me and I decided it was high time we join a pool.  Well, Ryder jumped right in.  Rhodes screamed and cried.  Hates it.

And what's worse?  He hated his floatie more than he hated the water.  So when he actually did want to get in, he refused the floatie.  All the while I'm trying to keep him from jumping in the pool and keep an eye on ole' Michael Phelps over there, who, by the way, can't swim without a floatie either.  It was quite a situation.  I really give major props to all you moms who take multiple children to the pool, especially when none of them can actually swim!

He did ease his way in eventually, just without the floatie, so I couldn't leave his side.  But Ryder would run away to go down the slide and then I couldn't find him through all the other kids.  But if I tried to pick Rhodes up from the side of the pool he would run away and I was scared he was going to fall in.  Never ending story here.  I'm just glad they have life guards there, that's all I'm going to say.  It's stressing me out just talking about it.

Another perk of joining the pool is that you must join the gym to join the pool.  I really didn't want to join the gym because I don't like lifting weights and I don't like running laps.  So what else would I do at the gym?  Well, I didn't realize they had all kids of classes.  And not your Richard Simmons aerobics either.  I took a HIIT class and pretty much fell in love.  I felt like a rubber band and like I might collapse for hours and hours after I finished, and when I woke up this morning, I couldn't even cough without pain.  And don't even let me go into what pain ripped through my abs when I sneezed.  But it was awesome.  I think I've found my niche.  I even forced myself to go again this morning despite the full body pain.  Had to document my first class.  I don't know how the camera didn't pick up my tomato red face.  I looked like a train wreck.
Toodles! Until next time!

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