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Rhodes had his post-op tubes appointment.  He took another hearing test to see if the clogged up fluid was the problem with the previous hearing test failure.  He did much, much better.  His left ear was still a little sketchy but they feel like just with his age it is hard to test.  We will re-test in 6 months.

He is talking like a charm now.  His words still sound funny, almost like someone with a hearing impairment, but I think that's just because that is how he has heard them this whole time.  For instance, when he sees Mickey Mouse come on TV, he'll say what sounds like "mowh" (rhyme with cow).  And if he sees a picture of a house, or when we pull up to our house, he'll say what sounds like "how."  New favorites are bubbles, house, balloon, show, golf cart, eat, juice, hotdog, bird, high (when pointing up), sky, cloud, mine (uh oh), flower, outside, slide, frog, and more I can't think of.  But my FAVORITE.... we say.... "Love you!" Rhodes says... "Toooooo!!!!!"  And another, we'll say "time to eat (or fill in the blank)" and he says "OH-TAAAAAY"

Ryder has been anti-litter from the moment he could speak.  John Michael engrained in him long ago that littering is terrible and that Wilson's don't litter.  He's been asking for some "grabbers like Ford's" for a good while.  The day he got them he was ready to go to work.

While picking up litter, he asked in all seriousness, "I just don't understand. Why would anyone do this to our havitat?" (Habitat)  Then, he proceeded to say this, "Mom want me to tell you something that'll make you so sad?  Did you know some people throw trash in WATER??? Water is a havitat to lots of reptiles.  You know, crocodiles, fish, turtles, whales, sharks - sharks are my favorite sea creature."

Boy was he proud of his collection.  He made it clear though.  "I am the trash patrol.  NOT a garbage man.  Because garbage trucks stank!!!"

Ryder over heard me asking the guys doing our pine straw when my hydrangeas would bloom.  After we walked off he said, "Mom, sounds like you have a case of "wantflowerstogrow-itis" (too much Doc McStuffins)

 What started as two boys having fun using the canoe as their slide...

 ...turned into Rhodes wanting down.  Which was odd.  Until I later realized it was because red ants were crawling all over the canoe.  Mom of the year!!!

We got a good warm bath right after that.  And lots of cream.  Good as new.  And don't turn your head for one minute if you ever give this one a bath.

Rhodes enjoys digging in our pantry and pulling every snack he sees off the shelf and yelling, yes yelling over and over again to "omen it, omen it, omen it, omen it" (open it).  I've started ignoring him hoping he'll change his mind because really, we don't need a box of fruit snacks, a bag of chips, m&ms, crackers, and gummy worms at 7:30 p.m. (we eat real healthy over here).  He's caught on to me because he's figured out if I won't omen-it, he will carry it over to the living room and omen-it himself.  And that's how 7,000 goldfish ended up on my rug.

I've got some super sweet friends who threw me a birthday shindig.  We (they) grilled burgers and had lots of yummy dips and played corn toss and chased our children.  And I got some sweet gifts too!

Ryder and Gaines dominated an entire bag of nacho cheese doritos.

I spy a hot mama over there!

These lovely ladies made me feel so special!

Melanie baked a delicious cake and cupcakes. And Rhodes will take down some ice cream.  Oh yeah, that's another word he likes, "eye ceeem"

Wouldn't even put down the spoon for a family photo.

I'm trying to show off my pretty necklace Devin got me, but you can't even see it.

The Davis family with their new addition, Austin.

This cute guy.

Happy Birthday to me.

The next morning started out bright (no pun intended) and early with mini picasso and an orange marker.  Orange is the new white, right?  Luckily (I guess), I had just pulled off the slipcover to wash so you can't see it underneath the slipcover.  The marker did not come out though.

I couldn't stay mad at him long.  He loves to dance and he especially loves when I dip him.

Ryder wrapped up his second tball season.

I think he liked it a little better this year than last, but we still have a ways to go!

Awkward father/son photo

Hangin' on 3rd.  Still cool with waving at mom in the stands and pausing to take photos.  Won't be able to do this for long, of that I am sure.

And even cooler with baby bro running out to say hello and good luck.

My #10

Post game cupcakes and trophies!

Brothers even got one!

Friday night was yucky and rainy but we made it fun.  Cranked up the music and danced around on the back porch while John Michael worked trying to make our backyard look pretty.  Because the next day we were hosting Anna Terrell and Jeffrey's engagement party!

It was so fun and we were so happy to celebrate them!

We even let the boys stay for a few minutes and enjoy the party.  But then we were lucky that CC and Poppy could take them home so we could relax and enjoy, sans kids!

Ryder's either a sore loser at corn toss or it was time to go.  I'm guessing the latter since he's got his getaway bag glued to him.

Mrs Sharon's sweet friends came to celebrate.

One quick family photo before they go!

The cookers bringing in another batch right when it started raining.

We threw some tents up real quick and we were so lucky that it only rained about 15 minutes.

Hanging out with Anna Terrell's friends made me feel young again.

Boys came back right before bedtime.  Couldn't go down without spending a few more minutes entertaining the adults though.

Good times!

The next day was mother's day, and I love being their mama.  I did not love having to take the only photo of the day with my babies in torrential winds out by the garbage cans at the restaurant.  But you know, men get real aggravated with taking pictures, so sometimes you take what you can get.

Or go to plan B.  That's where selfies come in hand.  I can take as many as I want!  Oh, and where it looks like Ryder's wearing a turtleneck and a newsboy cap, it's just a fleece puffer vest... and his regular hair.  It's 90 degrees.

And I could go on all day long and fill up 5,000 blog posts about how wonderful our own moms are.  We appreciate you and love you soooo very much!!!

We had loads of crawfish leftover from the day before so why not invite some mamas over and have the men cater us with crawfish. And feed our children (corndogs!)

While we sit and relax and chat (for two minute increments until somebody gets hurt or needs to tee tee or is thirsty or wants to go inside or is still hungry or wants to swing or ......)

Ryder eats all his meals at our counter when he's eating alone, but if they are eating together he'll sit at the little table with Rhodes.  Rhodes of course is dying to be big and eat up there so I let it be.  He was thrilled.  And Ryder was thrilled with his new peanut butter cheerios which he lovingly named, "super duper mouth crunchers."  He told me to be sure to buy some more super duper mouth crunchers next time I went to Kroger.

On Mondays when we don't have school, anything can happen around here.

 After school treat of some fro-yo.

My kids avoid wearing clothing at all costs. 

Naked rides in the car are thrilling. 
(undies and diapers are required for this type of activity)

Ryder wrapped up his last day of K3 on Thursday.

Look how much he has grown since his first day last August!  We measured him and he has grown two inches from start to finish.

We celebrated the end of the year with a party at the park.  All the kiddos with Miss Dana.

Later on that afternoon we celebrated Tate turning two! 

 Bday boy himself!

Pretty eyes.

Moms riding the roller coaster.  I mean the train.....

Ryder and Gaines on the train.  He needed to get back quickly for an emergency.  I rushed him to the bathroom for #2 and after about 10 minutes on the toilet he yelled out, "Peeeeeyeww! Anybody got any nose plugs???" Boys...
Goodness, after looking more closely at this picture maybe Ryder had already let a few things rip before they got off the train!!!!

Porter and Rhodes chowing down.

Rhodes and Charlotte playing house.

 And Lila buzzing Rhodes all over the yard!  She did NOT wanna stop for no pitchas!

When we got home the kids didn't waste any time breaking into their party favors.  This is how Rhodes blows bubbles.

This is how Ryder blows bubbles.

Father and sons like to play a game mom's not too fond of.  It's called jumping off of high surfaces.

After somewhere around 20 times, I wanted a break from lifting him up on the truck.  He always knows who to go to for help.  Ryder melts over that boy!

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