The Bonnet

Last week I figured I better try a few things on Rhodes to make sure they fit for Easter Sunday.  Our church isn't real dressy so it really doesn't matter.  God sure doesn't care what we have on.  But I care if it at least fits!  I had a sweet little outfit I had planned on him wearing, it was either Ryder's or I bought it consignment somewhere, can't remember, but it's 9 months.  It wouldn't snap at the bottom.  So I pulled out something else, again, not sure where it came from, I'm sure I bought it consignment along the way.  It was a fitter.  Preciousness.

I might buy my boys something nice and new, but it's very, very rare.  To be honest, I think I'm being a poor steward of my money to buy my children an outfit for $70 each.  Have I done it before?  Yes.  Will I ever do it again?  Maybe, but probably not.  I do not care what other people do, but this is just my opinion.  I have two boys and they are just precious in their hand-me-downs and sweet and soft little tshirts and shorts that get all dirty and muddy, that's what little boys are made for, right?

Moving on...

The cool weather this past week has gotten Ryder interested in his "hoods"

I normally feed Rhodes his real food sitting down on the floor.  He gets so distracted these days.  Here is one of our latest feeding sessions.  He'll just completely forget about me and look to see what his big brother is doing.

Finally I gave up and let Ryder have a go at it.

Bless this baby.  I picked him up from school and he was so proud to show me which finger was the longest!!!

I didn't have the heart to tell him not to do that anymore...



We had dinner at the pizza place and Rhodes is wondering where his slice is.

Ryder put this hat on Rhodes and immediately said "Now that's what I call a stud!"

Little angel sharing my seat during our morning ritual (Ryder-ipad / mom-bible study)

Ryder's perfect morning face, love that wake-up smile :)

Ryder has moved his bedtime beyond our control.  We try to put him down around 8.  We cannot force him to fall asleep.  He will literally sit in his bed for 2 hours and then he'll creep in our room and I can tell by his eyes that he hasn't slept a wink.  He'll say that he just can't fall asleep, that his eyes won't close.  I don't know what else to do.  When I walk him back to his room I'll find his pillow and stuffed animals laying in the middle of the hallway and I'll know he's probably been laying there for a while.  It's so sad :(  Needless to say, he sleeps super late in the mornings, like sometimes until 9 a.m.  This gives me and Rhodes some quality time.  This particular morning I really needed to enjoy my coffee and Rhodes was into TV which is rare.  It was a glorious 10 minutes!!!

Monday night Ryder had tball practice.  It was freezing that night, as in 40 something degrees and super high winds.  I got my mom and George to watch Rhodes so he wouldn't have to be in that weather.  They took him over to visit his cousins Sellers and Anna Love.

Ryder's braving the weather waiting his turn to hit!

Not sure having dad as a coach is a good thing or a bad thing...  I do know Ryder's proud though!

I bought an easter egg coloring kit.  I've never boiled an egg before,  I don't eat boiled eggs.  Eww.  Well I had to boil these eggs so I just kind of plopped them down in the pot.  Why didn't anyone tell me to do it softly?  We had to make an emergency call to daddy to tell him to bring us some more eggs during his lunch break.

 He's the best.  He stayed all through lunch helping us die our easter eggs, I obviously failed at this project.

Wednesday is my busy day where my mom keeps the kids.  When I went to pick Ryder up at 5:00 p.m. he was still napping!!!  My mom has plenty of beds, but he prefers this little twin mattress that she has and he loves to sleep on it on the floor.

We played dress up today with Rhodes' baby dedication outfit.  Nanni got it for him awhile back when we thought dedication would be a long time ago but it was pushed back to April so I wanted it to make sure it would fit.  I thought I would also put on the bonnet that went along with it for kicks.

He thought that bonnet was hilarious.

Don't worry, we thought it was quite humorous too.


Rhodes - 8 Months

8 months - March 19, 2013

  • size 3 diapers
  • 9-12 month play clothes, 6-12 month pjs and about 9 month nicer clothes
  • don't know his shoe size because he's never worn shoes
  • 4-5 bottles a day, 6 oz
  • fruit for breakfast, veggie for lunch, veggie for dinner
  • eats puffs
  • refuses sippy cup of juice, he just chews on it
  • laughs so hard 
  • gets into crawling position from sitting position but just kind of rocks
  • has two teeth on bottom, one tooth halfway in on top and the other is peeking through on top
  • can make the noises dada, mama and then a bunch of gibberish
  • he is the most sensitive to noise person I've ever known.  We can be so far from anyone and if there is the slightest noise in the other room he goes crazy whacking his head all over the place trying to see what the noise was
  • The past couple of months he has woken up in the night to eat a bottle, probably 5 of the 7 nights a week.  It all started when he got his first ear infection and then I think he just got used to it.  I wish I could let him cry it out until he falls back to sleep but it is a shrieking scream.  I'm tired just talking about it.
  • sits up but can't get into the sitting position by himself.
Top tooth peeping

Ryder loves when I scratch his back and I love when he asks me to.

Part of our morning routine is when Rhodes goes down for his nap I let Ryder watch the iPad while I do my bible study.  I always sit in my chair and he is usually on the couch.  This particular morning I was getting ready to sit down and Ryder got to the chair first and scooted all the way over and asked if he could sit with me.

 Kayla got Ryder this dry erase alphabet chart.

Another trip to the children's museum while the Lamar's were in town.

They came out to see our house and where was the first place these two went?

Fully bricked!

For the outside we just need to paint the trim, put the copper above the arch and get our shutters put on and painted.

While were were out there the little Bryant kiddos came to see us.  Rhodes and Emerson.

Ryder and Gaines just chatting about the trim work.

I got Rhodes dressed and it appears his legs have grown.

 Saturday morning we took Ryder to the kids St. Patty's Parade

Levi and Ryder getting a good look at the pet parade.

Great buds

I'm having flashes of future parades 20 years from now and I'm not liking it.

Post parade lunch at Keifer's 

Lil leprechaun 

Saturday afternoon we went and got hot dog stuff and chips and rode out to the new house and built a campfire.  Ryder got the wire hangers ready to put the hot dogs on and John Michael told him it was time to roast his weenie.  Poor Ryder.  He got this death look on his face and said, "But I don't want to roast my weenie!!!"

JM roasting weenies

Ryder watching from afar...

 Rhodes is skeptical of this weenie roast himself.

Sunday morning Nanni, Granddaddy and T came to church with us.

Rhodes has mastered the bottle holding

 We were bombarded with hail on Monday afternoon.

Ryder wanted to go outside and see it, he said he found something that would protect his head from the hail.

I have a major crack across my windshield and probably 20 baseball sized dents all over my car.

When JM got home from work we rode out to check out our house to see if there was any damage.  MMMMM and the roof at our new house is leaking.  Yeah, the roof that was just put on a couple weeks ago.  Good times.

Ryder wasn't too concerned.

Rhodes was sleeping this morning when Ryder got up and I didn't want to be too loud so Ryder was thrilled with his breakfast in bed.  He doesn't forget anything and I feel sure I've started something here.