The Concerd

Mom and I worked at the Antique Mall for the Christmas open house.  This was the Sunday I decided to do a booth (one week before I officially had a booth!) 

Don't doubt that it was near 75 degrees in December.  Let's go for a ride!

Ryder loves to try and get in trouble and then tell on himself.  I think he thought he was in trouble here for putting on John Michael's boots.  It's like he's begging to get punished.  He literally just stood there staring at me like aren't I doing something wrong?

This one on the other hand.  He loves to do something bad.  Like climb up on all our furniture.  And then grin real big and look at us and see how we will react.

Here's the result of one of those freezer crock pot meals I posted about a long time ago.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner! (Chicken Cacciatore and garlic breadsticks)

When I went to Ryder's Pow Wow program I was so pleased to see what he was thankful for.  "My mommy and daddy, animals and super heroes.  God and Jesus too."

He put on quite the performance.

My sweet other sista, Casey, and Ryder's little indian, Reagan.

Ryder and his little mamas, Macy Kate and Reagan

I went to a jewelry party so several of the dads who had their kids whose baby mamas where there came over to keep each other company.  I guess they did a great job babysitting...

So of course as soon as I walked in the door I threw those babies in the shower.  I don't need a bunch of red marker all over my house, thanks though guys!

If it's raining, you can find Rhodes outside.

Can he wear fleece footies til he's 21, please?

Can't turn around for 5 seconds with boys.  Ryder and Levi watered the grass real good on the McAlister's patio.  Sorry, diners.

Took Rhodes to the doctor just knowing he had an ear infection.

He didn't.  Just wanted some one-on-one time with mama.  He was 24 lb (16 months).

When Rhodes gets tired of eating, he just puts the remaining pieces on his head for me to clean up.  Guess when he gets full he doesn't want to look at one more thing!

My baby whisperer, Melanie calmed this baby from tears!

My BFF's from high school got together over Thanksgiving for some good love and chatting.  And we might've planned a pretty amazing 30th birthday trip while we were there.

My rambunctious "R's"

Thanksgiving morning.
So thankful.

Thanksgiving tradition.  Getting a paper on the way to Greenville so I can map out my Black Friday plan!  Or in this years case... black Thursday... also known as, NEVER AGAIN.

Unfortunately, my grandmother was still in the hospital in Greenville on Thanksgiving, but of course we stopped to see her.  Ryder was thrilled to put on a Thanksgiving "concerd" for her.

CC just enjoying Ryder's performance.


I think he's hoping he did a good job.

Made it to Mimi's house.  We have cousins galore!

My sweet Micki.  Ryder calls her his adult cousin.

Rhodes and his uncle Hunter

On the way home the little one had a scream fest.  This is very rare, so since John Michael is the dirty diaper nazi, we had to pull over and see if that's what it was.

Nope!  He just wanted to enjoy the view for a minute.

I was asked to submit a guest post to Mississippi Women Bloggers a bit ago.  You can read that post here.  (And if you are a Mississippi blogger, sign up!)  Anyway, a bio and photo were to be included and lawd knows I haven't had any family photos made in a good few years.  I made John Michael snap a few selfies in the back yard.  Awkward!  At least I pulled the boys in for a few.

Once we got home Thanksgiving afternoon it was time to start decorating.

My husband is half Clark Griswald so we have to have a pep talk before the lighting of the house gets started.

Nanni, Grandaddy and T came over to watch the Egg Bowl and Ryder and Rhodes got to celebrate their first sold cow!  Moooooooooo!!!

Around 8 I headed out to meet my sister for pre Black Friday sale.  Or Devil Thursday as I have named it.  After 1 hour and 30 minutes in the line at Old Navy.... we took a nap.

Thanksgiving brother in-laws.

Small Business Saturday in Olde Town Clinton with family.  Coffee, clothes and interiors shopping.  Check, check, check!

Turkey grubbing

Poppy and CC with the grandkids.

The boys cut out early for a little hunting.  That's ok, I had plenty to clean up uninterrupted after the weekend!

Thanksgiving was over, so we went to Home Depot to get our Christmas tree.

They were out of the taller trees so we went to Lowe's.  They were out too.

So I found a Christmas tree farm in town and we went in the pitch black dark.  Not the best way to pick out your tree but if we didn't do it then......

Well, I guess I should've asked the price before the nice man cut it down.  Sir how much do we owe you?  Oh it's just $155 for this one.  .....WHAT?

Welp, let's get started!

I let my big boy decorate a tree to put in his room.

Oh, he was thrilled.

Everything was going really smoothly.

Until he saw that he once finished, his lights didn't go any higher than his little belly.

Sweet Rhodes wanted to fix the situation.

More Christmas coming soon.

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