Somebody call 9-1-1

My December birthday boy.  Happy birthday lunch solo!

He's been asking for at least six months for a blueberry lemon cake.  Well that's what he got for his birthday.  And it was mmm mmm good!  I really do love baking.  But I think I could make it a lot easier with a real mixer instead of my sad hand held.  hint hint!

I said I love to bake, but I never said I was a clean baker.  My kitchen is always a disaster when I cook. I am working on it though.  If your area doesn't look like this when you are cooking, especially with two children hanging on your leg and needing juice, an apple peeled, and a channel change every three minutes, then I want to be you :)

 It wasn't as pretty on the outside as it was on the inside.

I helped decorate the church for Christmas.

Hard workers 

Finished product.

Salt dough hand print ornaments.  Ryder was a great candidate for this project.

My advice for doing this with a 17 month old, do it after a nice dose of benadryl.

Clinton Christmas Parade.  The first time in seven years I have not planned and organized and photographed this parade from top to bottom.  It was so nice to enjoy with my family in the stands.

Ryder and Reagan

One of the top coldest experiences I've ever had.  I was so busy packing my family up that clearly I forgot my coat.  It was below 30 and windy.  I started to feel my toes about 3 hours later.  Rhodes' face started to thaw out around the same time.

Bedtime stories are always special when we get to read them on the couch and not in the bed!  Ryder is the bedtime staller of all time.

OK.  I bought an 8 pack of underwear.  All were colorful and striped.  Except this one pair of whitey tighteys.  Ohhhh. My.

Still enjoying dad's birthday cake a week later.

When you live with a perfectionist and they mess up, this is the consequence.  He answered one thing wrong on Diego and he basically punished himself.  At four years old, I think we have a long academic road ahead of us.

My awesome fellow TOT teachers enjoyed a fun night of PJ's and Pedi's!


Rhodes has figured out how to hide from the camera.

Love Ryder's vocabulary.  He said, "look mama, we're conga-ing!"

My other December birthday boy, Levi!

Rhodes couldn't be trusted on skates.  He walked the rink instead.

John Michael is 33 going on 13.  I couldn't get him off the rink.

The non-skaters, Tate, Charlotte, Porter and Rhodes.


'Tis the season for lots of goodies to be made.  Have you ever had blondies?  They are a nice alternative to brownies if you want something other than chocolate.

1/2 c butter, melted
1 c dark brown sugar
1 egg lightly beaten
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp baking soda
pinch of salt
1 c all purpose flour
bag of butterscotch chips

Preheat oven to 350.  spray pam on baking dish.  whisk together the melted butter and sugar in a bowl.  add the egg and vanilla extract and whisk.  add everything else and pour into baking dish.  bake 30 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

Best seat in the house!

We do have an elf.  Ryder calls him Lucky.  I'm not a Pinterest elf on the shelf junkie, but we do move him around.  Or John Michael does :)  One day though, I did remember to move him.  And I did make a little effort this go-round.  After spelling Ryder's name out in "snow" I stuck him in a candle and told Ryder he had to warm his booty up after shedding all that snow.  Ryder then looked over at my canister full of flour and said.... "That's flour."

Just love my book worm.  One day, when Ryder is old enough to read, we will spend hours in the library reading our own books, but sitting together.  While John Michael and Rhodes hunt and play sports and other manly stuff like that.  I guarantee it.

Another one of those freezer crockpot meals, chicken broccoli alfredo - success! If he would've noticed the broccoli it would've been a fail, like it was with his father!

Ryder's newest kick of the month is that he's afraid of the dark.  Fear no more!

Ya'll.  I did something that I haven't done since becoming a stay at home mom, which was February 1.  I dropped them off and came straight home instead of running errands.  And then I laid on the couch. And read my book.  I really did!  I didn't even sweep the floor or fold clothes!  It was so wonderful.

After I picked them up from school the weather was so beautiful.  It was lovely to play outside for the first time in a while.

 I'm only one person, so when they are both at my feet begging to be held, sometimes all I can do is snap a photo (and send it to my husband asking him when he is coming home).

Ummm.  No sir.

My whole world!

My sugars before school this morning snuggling each other and watching TV.  Not only was this sweet, but I got to get ready for their Christmas party uninterrupted!

Lots of excitement tonight as Ryder got his arm stuck in the freezer handle.  Thank the LORD John Michael was home.  I tried pulling his arm out a few times before yelling for help.  I literally would've had to call 911.  Santa may bring me a tool box this year :/

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  1. I love Ryder! He cracks me up. The freezer, putting himself in time out over getting an answer wrong, etc. I was giggling at most of this post.