Fresh Picked

Yes, I'm a stay at home mom.  There are two days a week my kids are at school from 9-2.  But one of those days I'm working.  So, now I have one day from 9-2 where I can get anything and everything done.  Alone.  Without getting two kids in and out of carseats at five different locations.  That would be Tuesdays.  I cherish Tuesdays from 9-2.

As if I'm not crazy enough.  As if I don't over volunteer myself.  As if I don't have two kids who need some major TLC.  As if I don't already have twelve loads of laundry to do or a sink full of dishes or sheets that need to be washed.  But deep down, I'm a working girl.   So, I've decided I need to take on something else.  

A new business.

Like mother, like daughter.  I started an antique and interiors booth business.  As in, I now have a booth at the Antique Mall of the South.  As of two weeks ago.  My mom has been doing this for a while now, and she has mentioned that I get involved numerous times.  I always blow it off.  Well, three weeks ago she mentioned it again.  I blew it off.  Then I got to thinking - why not?  So, in seven days, I gathered enough inventory and my booth was in business.  All, and I mean all, the credit goes to GOD for sure.  I did a lot of praying that week and even felt selfish for praying for something that was so miniscule.  But God cares about the small things too, that's for sure.  And the second most credit goes to my mom.  We stayed up some late nights, and she let me do some good shopping in her garage and storage unit!!!  And third, my sister kept my boys all day the day I moved in and I absolutely could not have done this without some child-watchin'.  Also, thanks to George for helping me staple gun fabric all over my booth wall and to my surprise guest, Devin for helping us move in furniture.  What a whirlwind Saturday!!!

And now, Fresh Picked is officially in business.  And I've got a move-in sale going in right now too, the Snowflake Sale, everything in my booth is 20% off!  Come shop!

Taking loads to the truck

Mama making last minute touch ups to my furniture

Decorating!  (Funny enough, that wine rack was the first thing that sold!)

My space

It's small, we are all crammed in!

Of course mom had to take the cheesy selfies...

My mom, best friend and now business mentor!

Now.  I have made an agreement with myself.  This business is reserved for Tuesdays only.  I vow not to drag my children all over the world shopping for my booth.

So, here goes nothing!


  1. Congrats! The booth looks so good and I will definitely be stopping by soon!!!

  2. Found your blog through MSWB and not only do we both have a degree in communication but we both have a booth in Antique Mall of the South. The world gets smaller by the min.