Who says there is no excitement on the bread aisle at Kroger?

One of the very, very few early mornings I take one for the team when the boys get up before 6.  It had to be documented.

While Ryder and JM napped Sunday afternoon, Rhodes and I went out and about.  Rhodes was mesmerized with this Anthro worker's red weave.

Do little boys just not get cold?  It was freezing, freezing temps, hence the snow hat, coat and boots.  The legs must've just been numb...

In true Mississippi fashion, it was perfect for a backyard picnic later that afternoon.

And a canoe trip for Ryder and John Michael.

Thumbs up for a successful fish!

It's not a neighborhood outing without Ryder's favorite neighbor, Reagan.

Best buds 

Just getting creative and making the best out of summer temps in November.

Fishing with their daddies.

Ryder and his best adult friend, Mr. Dan.

Ryder had been asking about making Nanni her birthday card for an entire week. 


Ryder making his shapes at TOT!  I love being one of his TOT teachers and getting to watch him learn each Thursday.

Rhodes and his little girlfriend, Emerson.
For whatever reason, Ryder always saves his major bathroom issues when we are running errands.  I think he secretly knows my hatred of public restrooms and just likes to put me to the test.  After a good 10 minutes I asked him how much longer this was going to take.  He said, "just a few more hours."  Typical.

Every moms dream is when it's almost nap time and you pull into the neighborhood and they've already knocked that one out, said NO MOM EVER!

Ryder's birthday cake for Nanni!

Baby loves his daddy.

Porter's first birthday Pow Wow!

Precious Porter and mama, Devin, who by the way, planned the most adorable birthday party ever.


Just a tad of the adorbs set up.

Rhodes and his bud, Tate just making trouble.

Ryder and his Indian Princess, Swayze.

Gah I wish I could explain on this blog the extent to which Rhodes goes to people, anybody.  Any, any body.  This picture is not a good example because this is our friend, Ben, but Rhodes has never seen Ben in his life, and this he was trying to crawl up in his lap at first glance (more proof to come....)

 The party mamas and mama-to-be Courtney :)

Now I can follow up with my example.  When I say Rhodes is a wanderer, he's a wonderer.  After Porter's party we went to another birthday for Ryder. This is the first lady he walked right up to, just begging to hold him.  I have never seen this lady in my life.

Next person.  Rhodes has no clue and sure don't care!

I've never seen this woman in my life, and I'm pretty positive Rhodes hasn't either.

If I don't keep an eye on the kid, he is liable to go home with anyone.  

As if Ryder doesn't keep me laughing enough, he comes up with this new song he belted out when he got mad when I told him it was time for bed.

"When you feel so mad and you want to roar - just take a deep breath and count to FOUR. [Big breath] then, One... Two... Three... Four.

While we were at the grocery store about about to buy ingredients for Nanni's birthday cake, I was just talking to Ryder to make conversation and said something like:

Me: "Are you are going to help me make the cake for sure? 
Ryder: "Who is sure? I thought you called her Sharon!"

Ohhh I laughed.

Rhodes hardly knows what rain is.  I feel like it has barely rained in his lifetime.  But when it does, he's all in.  He's trying to drink it in this particular shot.

Friday morning I was in a pickle.  I desperately need to get my hair highlighted and the only times she had available were when neither child had school.  So thanks so the iPad and wireless internet, oh and Kayla and Bennett (Ryder's Netflix providers), Ryder made it through that two hours with Netflix (or red button as he calls it).

While we were there, I couldn't resist a trim for him.  This is now his third official haircut.  I've trimmed it a few times here and there.

While I was getting my hair done for two hours, I had an extremely gracious friend down the road who agreed to watch Rhodes for me.  Rhodes and Tate had a fun playdate!  Or at least that was what his mama said!  For all I know she was ready to pass out of exhaustion between these two.

Tate and his sweet kisses.

Ryder was so excited about his wood building skills, that he actually asked if we would give him some money for his hard work.  Ummmm..... Nah!

Thanks to my pleading, these two are cranking up the fire.  MmMmMmMMMMmmm!!!!!

Since I know there is no way my slacking self will blog before Thanksgiving, I wish you all the absolute most blessed time with your families. 

From an old hymn:

Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
Count your many blessings, see what God hath done!

Indeed, I will count my many blessings from my incredible God!

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  1. I laughed and laughed about making the cake for "sure". Ha ha ha!!!!