Summer Beach Vacation

We went to Grayton Beach a couple of weeks ago for our yearly family vacation.  The night before we left I stayed up late packing and cleaning my house because I'm that person who can't leave my house without it being clean and everything put in its place.  Therefore, I ended up not being able to sleep and finally fell asleep around 3 a.m.  As you can imagine, 4:45 a.m. came real quick.

So I tried to catch up on my zzzzzz's on the way.

Pit stop to feed the babe.

The boys had the most perfect babysitter who came with us!  Nora Grace was absolutely amazing and helped out so much.  I was in hog heaven!!!  I forgot what it was like not taking care of chillins' 24/7!

Baby's first time at the beach.

We were able to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary at the beach!  We had lunch at Bud and Alley's

And dinner at V

It was a perfect night!

The next day we rode bikes down to Seaside.  John Michael said I was too slow.

We had our own private pool at our beach house which was amazing.  That was Ryder's favorite place to be, so we swam.  A LOT!

He liked the beach a lot more this year.

We always like the beach!

Me, Anna Terrell and Brooke got some gooooood girl time!

The next morning my water babies woke up at 5:45 a.m.!  Ryder's eyes were swollen shut and Rhodes had a blow out all over his pack n play.  It was awesome!!!

Nothin a little TV couldn't fix while mama cleaned up!

Heading out to dinner with Nanni and Grandaddy

Sweet Nora Grace and Rhodes

Early morning beach pics while the guys golf.

Cooling off under the tent.  Could not have made it without that tent.  It broke from the wind somewhere along the way, but we rigged it up enough to last the rest of the week.

Sunscreen grease infested beach hair at its finest!!!

Early morning ride to breakfast down the street.

Boys at breakfast.

We spied Chris Tomlin with his wife and daughter at breakfast.

Love this handsome one.

Stroll break.

And John Michael says my eye mask is ridiculous....

Girls lunch and shopping day! So fun.

Me and my biggest.

Aunt Cynthia and the littlest.

Our whole group.

Uncle Stewart and the boys bonded.

Big kids night out - didn't last long for the big kids with little kids though!

Ryder was so chipper at lunch.  Then all the sudden I got ready to take a picture and he was upset.  Two seconds later he declared he was about to poo poo in his pants.  Needless to say they made it to the potty just in time.  I hear it wasn't pretty.

We got to witness Rhodes' first time standing up by himself!  On the table.

Ryder was floating around the ocean with zero fear.  We were on out there too.

Stewart was trying to do a little work but the wind got in the way.  Gotta take care of business though.

We had the best week and are so grateful for Nanni and Grandaddy for such a wonderful family vacation!

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