Rhodes - Eleven Months

11 months on June 19. 

At 11 months, Rhodes is:
  • 21 lb. 10 oz (he went to the doctor on the day he turned 11 months)
  • He eats chicken, hot dogs, lima beans, blackeyed peas, bananas, grapes, mandarin oranges, pears, turkey, cheese, baked beans, scrambled eggs, grits, basically anything I have tried to give him he has eaten.
  • Wearing size 4 diaper
  • Wearing 12-18 month clothes and pj's
  • Size 4 shoe
  • Can't walk but has stood up in place for a couple of seconds.
  • We switched him over to a big carseat.
  • Sleeps about 7 pm - 6:30 am
  • Takes three 6oz bottles a day.  I know.  This has got to end!
  • Will not take a sippy cup of juice or milk.  I'm a little concerned he won't be giving up the bottle anytime soon.
  • Has 2 top teeth and 3 bottom teeth and a couple molars are coming in - which resulted in extreme blowouts!!!
  • Sweet as pie and laid back and easy as they come.
  • Loves to dance.  I'll sing a dance song and he literally pops his butt and rocks his head back and forth with the biggest grin.
  • Must be held 95% of the time.  Rotten is an understatement.
Rhodes isn't near as much a TV guy as his big brother, but I think he was just happy to be sharing a seat with Ryder so he pretended to be interested.

Rhodes anxiously awaiting his date with Georgia Claire.

Allyn Ann and Georgia were in MS and we enjoyed a fun lunch!

And a little post lunch visit too.

Rhodes went to the doctor the day before we left for the beach.  He was tugging on his ears and I needed to be sure before we left.

 When is Ryder not entertaining?

Pulled out a few beach hats as I was packing.  Mmmm... might've worked 9 months ago.

I honestly believe he thought he was cutting the grass by the way he was working it out there.  He was literally sweating by the time he was finished.

And you know what happens when he sweats.  The fro happens.

I flattened it down just to mess with him.  He told me he does NOT like flat hair.

 Rhodes enjoyed watching the big kids at Pinelake Kids Week.

And Ryder was more interested in the adults.

I think this is maybe the second time Ryder has drank from a can.  He was all over that.

Rhodes wants a turn on the swing so badly.

I always dress Ryder but this particular morning we were running late for school.  I told him to run in his room and get dressed and he came out declaring that it was "Opposite Day."

Rhodes is a determined "driver."  He steers it left and right to dodge things in his way.

In other news, since the incident at Walmart when my car got hit, I'm in a rental.  The first week was great because I was in a suburban.  Then, they called and said I needed to bring it back and get a van.  I was a little afraid because you know what they say... once you go van...
But this van doesn't have all those fancy van things that all the moms like.  No remote door opening, no tv's, no automatic trunk opening and closing.  Basically, it's a piece.  So, after a week with a van, I'm not giving in to van life after all!

If Rhodes isn't eating dead bugs, he's catching them live.  Here he is hunting down this poor butterfly.

I've expressed my germ phobia of hotel rooms before.  My mom and sister went to Memphis last week and my sister sent me this picture of my mom holding the hotel phone.  Wrapped in a tissue.  This is so something I would do.

Can you blame us?

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  1. Loved the opposite day picture, the van picture, and the telephone was classic!!!!