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I finally posted our vacation photos, so now it's time to get up to date.  As soon as we got back it was 4th of July weekend.  We kicked it off with a visit from Papa and of course he brought puzzles, flash cards and books for the boys :)

We spent the morning laying pine straw.  I say the term "we" loosely. Ryder was good help though.

Me and Rhodes supervised.

Ryder wasn't fond of Rhodes playing on his tractor.

John Michael grilled some dang good caribbean jerk kabobs and I mastered potato salad.

Rhodes and Noah celebrating America.

Levi and Noah vs. Rhodes and Ryder

Child is almost 4.  It's time to figure out how to dress himself the right way.

Evening swim in our nice backyard pool.

Little outdoor dining as well.

When we get a little antsy, all we gotta do is take an evening drive around the neighborhood with popsicles.

Back home to the pool for an outdoor bath.  Rub a dub dub!

CC took the boys for the night so John Michael and I could get a little break.

I made some chicken salad sandwiches and grabbed a box of cheez-its and we called it a date on the neighborhood pond!

We went fishing!

It made for a perfect date night.

The next morning Ryder, Rhodes and I drove to Starkville for Walker's birthday party.

CC and Rhodes taking a stroll.

Rhodes and Anna Love enjoying the peaceful trampoline away from all the big boys!

Speaking of big boys... these two!

Cousin pic.

Ryder was wearing his party favor mask proudly.

Before we left we had lunch at the Grill with CC, Poppy and Carolyn.

Ryder refused to take the mask off on the way home and he conked out in it.

I grew a little concerned with the breathing situation so I pulled over to re-adjust.

Didn't take him long (even in his sleep) to figure out that mask was hot!

Home sweet home.

Good moods before church the next morning.

Sunday afternoon I declared date day for Ryder and I.  He deserved some one-on-one time with me.  So we went to see Monsters University 3D.

Into it.

When we got home, Ryder surprised me with his artistic abilities.  He drew our family - who taught him how to draw a stick figure?

Then he and JM put together new shelves for the garage.  He does love a project.  He's a Wilson!

Meantime, Rhodes found himself in the mirror and decided he liked what he saw.  Baby needs a friend!

Ooooweeee sweet!

I am all over the place with this blog, but I've just got a lot to share.  I can't help myself, this is my baby book!

Ryder and his buddy Reagan just a flirtin'

Ryder got to help Reagan pick tomatoes in their garden.  Don't you know he was all over that.

I was sent these pictures.  But if I were there, I would bet he was on a mission to win the most picked tomatoes.

We had to get out of the house, so we met daddy for lunch!

Rhodes said bring on the rain!

Stinky rain calls for a nice warm afternoon bath.

Ryder gave me a puppet show one morning.  His little mind blows my big mind!

Back to the museum for some water fun.

After I noticed Ryder was missing for a minute I looked out back.  He was just enjoying a nice pack of raisins watching the sun set.  Grown!

Ryder sharing his wisdom.

Bath time is becoming so much more enjoyable now that I can put them in together.

I wanted to make some homemake cookies with Ryder and he took full reign.


Rolling dough into balls.

Ready to bake!

I was so impressed and we had so much fun.  I love my little helper.

The next day I took off for a girls day at the pool.  Time with BFF high school friends is my kind of fun.

Back to Kristen's to EAT!  Mandy made some scratch guacamole right before our eyes.  I was impressed.

 We played sock bun for a little while.

Then we watched the Miss Mississippi pageant.

Then we conned Maghen into going to get her salon supplies and she waxed eyebrows!

Bright and early the next morning the boys were nestled in at Sunday school.

This week I hosted a Stella and Dot trunk show.

My sweet sisters.

Kayla and Anna Terrell both spent the night after the party and so they got in some double duty aunt time the next morning.

Soaking in some sunshine.

Ryder is trying so hard not to freak out about Rhodes sitting on his tractor.  It's taking everything he's got!

We went next door to get some sand and Ryder was obsessed.  He watched the back of the tractor the entire way he drove home.  I had to tell him which way to steer.  He was terrified that the sand would fall out when he hit bumps.  He's a character.

While we're on the subject of Ryder.  He truly surprises me everyday with what he has learned.  I was a little taken back when he asked me if I knew about the planets.  I said no and asked him to tell me.  He replied that the planets make up the solar system.  And that he lives on planet earth and that the planets rotate around the sun.  Then he proceeded to name the different planets and when he mentioned Saturn he was sure to say "don't for get Saturn's rings!"  He is a sponge.  Truly.  He soaks up everything he hears.  We have to be so careful!

Now I would like to apologize for the longest blog post ever.

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