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I started this blog a while ago and haven't had time to post it so forgive me if most of it is "old news."

Easter season comes with hunt after hunt after hunt.  One day last week I told Ryder that if he took a good nap we would go to the easter party at the library.  He slept well into the party and I didn't want to wake him up  When he woke up he was very distressed that he missed the party so we had an Easter egg hunt of our own.  He liked taking turns hiding.  When it was my turn to "seek" the eggs as he called it, it didn't take me long to find the first two.

We talked to Ryder a little bit about the meaning of Easter, but I was so surprised when Ryder started telling me about it.  He was scribbling on his paper and showed it to me.  When he scribbles I'll ask him what it is (knowing he didn't intentionally draw the particular thing that he says).  So when he drew this I asked what it was and in true fashion he started to tell me something.  This time it was sweet because he said that on the bottom was Jesus on the cross and on the top was Jesus in the toon (tomb).  Then he followed that by telling me that 3 days later Jesus was alive!  If he knows parts of the gospel at age three, he's off to a good start!

We had an Easter egg hunt in Vaughan.  Rhodes wasn't a bit scared of the Easter bunny.

Ryder on the other hand preferred to watch from afar.

I think dressing brothers alike is sweet but because of their age difference of 3 years, sometimes it's hard to find things that are appropriate for their age, so I settled with a few coordinating outfits.  Sweetest boys.

Ryder holding a frog.  Oh no, it's happening!

Wilson boys.  We are starting this tradition and will take this same picture in the same spot each Easter.  It's going to be so cool looking back at all the years how everyone has changed. We were going to do it at Christmas but it's just too cold outside!

Rhodes was happy with his Easter happy, beach toys!  Getting ready!


Cock of the Walk pets

Ryder was the only one up for Easter basket time.  Ryder got an art set full of markers, crayons, paint, colored pencils and paper.  This is right up his alley.  Rhodes got a little shape sorter and they both got a comfy play outfit.  We don't go to crazy over here.

Traditional church photo.

The fam at church.

Easter lunch at CC and Poppy's.

I found a way to keep Rhodes contained for few minutes.

Which is taller, the markers or Ryder?  That's what he wants to know.

We get delirious sometimes at home.  Now we are making claw feet with colored pencils.

Rhodes likes to keep his whites nice and pearly.

Growing, growing.

A couple weeks ago I walked in to get a fussing Rhodes from his crib and that baby had gotten up by himself for the first time.

All dressed and ready for brother's first tball game!

Rhodes is just along for the ride now.  He's preparing to live at the ball fields for the next 18 years.

Coach Wilson and #3

Sweet boys listening to their coach in the dugout.

I can't contain the cuteness of this.

Ryder slid into home and afterwards he was concerned about his skinned up knees.

Proud mama.

This is what I call determination.  If one stool won't help you reach it, grab another one.

The things we come up with around here to pass the time.

Rhodes' top two teeth are finally pushing through.  This was a couple weeks ago, I'll try to be more current with my next post.

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