Boys Only... And No Babies

Gaines' 3rd birthday party was Friday night.  Pizza, cupcakes and jump jumps, all little boys need.

Saturday morning Ryder had a tball game and team pictures.  They had to be there at 8:00 which is just a nightmare in itself.  He's not the earliest riser.

Sunday afternoon Kayla had her first shower at the church where we grew up.

Monday morning I took Ryder to the doctor for fever and wheezing, turns out he has bronchitis so we got some meds and breathing treatments, nothing new for us.  And I found out he is 34 lb, so he's gained a bit since the last time we went.

That night Ryder had a a tball game but since he was sick he couldn't go, but JM still had to go and do his coaching duties.  I made dinner and I'm pretty sure I won't cook again until we move into our new home.  We got the list of things that we have to clean out of this apartment before we move out and boy did our microwave and stove need some TLC.  I started cleaning these things after dinner and after the amount of time it took, I'm not sure I want to risk having to do that again if it gets dirty (and it will).

I made cheesy chicken roll ups.  They are easy.

Boil chicken breasts for about 15 minutes (I did four and seasoned them with seasoned salt and pepper).
Shred chicken.
Heat one can of cream of mushroom and a can of milk on the stove until warm.
Use one can of crescent rolls and pull apart each triangle.
Fill each triangle with a little bit of shredded chicken and shredded cheese and roll them up and seal the edges.
Place in a dish and pour soup mixture over the rolls.
Cook at 350 for 30 minutes.
I served it with lima beans and a yummy strawberry salad.

Ryder doesn't eat bread unless it's a pbj sandwich.  As soon as he sat down at the table and saw these crescent rolls he crossed his arms and said, "MOM, I've told you a million times that I do not like BREAD!!!"  All I could do was laugh because he's right.

When Rhodes can start deciding he is ready to call it quits with that 3 a.m. bottle, maybe I'll start putting coffee in the filters in the morning instead of formula :(

But when I'm out in the living room nice and early with Rhodes, I do love hearing that doorknob rattling from Ryder's room and watching him come out with his sweet sleepy eyes and afro hair.  And he's always dragging a couple of stuffed animals and a blanket.

Rhodes enjoyed our shopping spree while Ryder was at school.

John Michael is always getting into something.  He and Ryder left Friday afternoon and returned with a canoe.  It wasn't a bad purchase I suppose.

Fun times ahead!  I'm just ready to get a turn.

According to Ryder, it was "boys only - and no babies."

So we stayed back and watched.

And I went inside and snapped pics of our updates.  Moving right along!

Saturday morning it was hot and we were going to a little parade downtown.  I got Rhodes dressed in something he wouldn't be hot in and it was a big fail.  I tried 4 different new jon jon's on him that I got while I was pregnant and none of them fit, all were 12 months. Grrrrr!!!

Ryder and Levi enjoying the sights.

Watching the magic show very intently.

Some kid had their scooter laying on the ground.  Ryder scooped it up like he owned it and took it for a spin.  I can put this on his birthday idea list, he didn't want to return it to the poor kid.

John Michael was gone all morning so as soon as he got back I told him I was headed for the "complex pool."  The only positive thing in this whole living experience and by gosh I was going to at least go once in the 8 months of living here.  So much for peace and quiet, those college kids starting rolling in and having themselves a real good time.  Here I was in my mom bathing suit, grown up book, and bubba keg of water.  I was a bit of an outcast.

Sneak peak of Photography by Ryder Wilson.

Saturday night we took a last minute date night and had dinner at Creshale's.  John Michael does love a good happy birthday sing-a-long.  I mean he really gets into the spirit.  He embarrasses me sometimes.

Ryder wanted some juice and all we had was gatorade.  Normally he just takes a few sips and puts it back so I never have to tell him not to drink the whole thing.  Evidently he hadn't had anything to drink for days.  I looked over and he drained the thing and it looks like he really enjoyed it too.

Ryder has started playing semi-rough with Rhodes.  Nothing dangerous but they are really having fun "wrestling" these days.  Rhodes thinks it is hilarious.  Everybody comments on his laugh and I can see why.  He belly laughs, like hard laughs and when Ryder's the one making him laugh, you can just times it by two!

We really need a back yard.  It was so nice out and all we could do was make robots out of garbage sacks.

This morning we had to run some quick house errands.  I had to pick out a mirror immediately so they could figure out where to put the bathroom sconces so we hopped in the car and went out for our search.  Luckily I had some bubble wrap in my car and it kept Ryder occupied for a good while.  It was his first experience with bubble wrap and I'll make sure it won't be his last!

When we got there to drop the mirrors off I was so pleased to see that lights were being hung!  So exciting!  And our second roof was being put on since the first one got damaged in the hail storm.

And I can't forget to mention how happy I am for Meg and Scott on the birth of their little girl, Layla Belle!  Around 11:45 pm I got a call from Scott that Meg was at the hospital and in labor.  I got to talk to her for a second but I could tell she was in a lot of pain so I forced myself off the phone with her :)  She was born about an hour later and she's like a baby doll!  I'm counting down the days until I get to go see her in Starkville.

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