Tom and Such

The past couple weeks Rhodes has started holding his bottle... for real this time.  He gave me a little tease for a couple days and then quit.  Now he's on a roll.  This is very helpful since it gives me time to do a couple things, or at least wash the last bottle he drank.

Homework this week has been tracing all the family members hands and then writing their names above their hand.  He only knows how to spell his name by heart, but I will just tell him the letters to our names and he does pretty good.

I feel like I don't have time to read anyone's blog lately, much less blog myself.  Here are a few things we have been up to.  Last week we went to the Children's Museum with the Lamar kiddos.  Rhodes and John Brantley are about a month apart.

Ryder and Ford - these two could be trouble.

While we were there we went ahead and got a membership, might as well.  We've just got to get out of the house sometimes.


On our way to Mother's Day Out, Ryder asked me to stick "Boots" in his pocket for safe keeping.

I introduced puffs to Rhodes.  He loves.

Daddy came home at a decent hour from work, hence the daylight outside!!!  Ryder was thrilled with this.

Ryder feeding Rhodes his puffs.  Earlier today I walked into Ryder going to town on the pack of puffs. I called him out on it and he replied that he was just having a little snack.

The night before Ryder's first T-ball practice he was in good spirits and wanted to wear his baseball shirt to bed.  I cannot stand sleeping in a big tshirt and it getting all twisted up.  I was afraid he would have a problem with it too.  1:00 a.m I hear some feet shuffling into my room.

He did good at his first practice.  He's about a year younger than most of them, but he will figure it all out.  This picture below is so telling of his personality.  Everyone doing their own thing and here he is listening so intently to the coach.  This boy isn't going to miss a thing.

Getting ready to run bases.

 Well, he made it to first.  Whew.
Daddy was on second so he thought that was big.

Name writing during bath time.

Sure is a cute fella (as Ryder says)

Ryder introducing his friend "Tom" to our friends.
Tom is Ryder's new friend.  He started talking about Tom one day and he has become a part of our family.  He eats with us, naps with Ryder and plays with Ryder.  He also has his own seat in the car.  He's 3 like Ryder and he has brown hair.  He goes to school with Ryder too.  If you haven't figured it out yet, Tom is Ryder's imaginary friend.  Ryder said only he can see Tom.

He'd rather be naked.

We do a lot of bowling at our house with these trusty red solo cups.  This occupies lots of time for us.

This particular time he couldn't find his bowling ball so he used the dump truck instead.  I'm sure our neighbors across the way just love us.

New rule at our house:  We are not allowed to leave Rhodes' side.  
If we do:

A fall out kind of cry.

He's got this mama wrapped.

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