Chunk o' Love

My sister got Ryder a little tie.  Other day he said, "I need to go to work, put on my tie."

Homework time.

Afternoon practice.  He's pretty cute.

Still needs a little guidance.  Well, a lot.

Reason #23489234 I love staying at home -  play dates at the park on pretty days!

I love the creative minds of little kids.  Ryder pulled out a box of popsicle sticks and used them to make letters, all on his own.  I never thought to use the sticks in that way.

Reason # 239847923743 I'm ready to be out of this rental apartment:  A GARAGE to park my car in and bring my groceries in.  Bright side:  I have a stroller in the trunk.

More play dates with friends in the new neighborhood.

Sweetness, Ryder and Reagan.

Lil' Bulldogs

This is just funny, he looks like a 90 year old man.

Rhodes is getting from the sitting position to the crawling position, but just sits there.  I can tell he's trying to get moving though.

Mama got to help teach Ryder's TOT class, he thought that was big time!

Beautiful weather and fresh air with my boys.

Ryder tried to share his straw, Rhodes couldn't grasp the idea.

We made history last Friday.  John Michael bathed Rhodes!  I was leaving out of town Saturday and was casper white so I got a spray tan and I couldn't get wet for 4 hours and it was almost bedtime so JM got the bath duties.

Chunk o' love

Saturday we went to Memphis to celebrate Kayla's bachelorette weekend.
Cousins :)


More cousin love

We had fun and John Michael held the fort down like a pro.  He did take the boys to Vaughan on Saturday but he did so good taking care of them without me.  He is very, very appreciated!

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