John Michael pulled through.  Saturday I came out to bring him and granddaddy lunch after all their hard work of cutting down limbs and they had made some tree stumps for us to sit on!  I didn't even know he knew to do this, but I likey!  

Brrrrr it was super cold.  Rhodes was covered head to toe.

Ryder can hang with the best of them.  He wants to do what the big people are doing.  But he was a big helper!

Saturday night was Swayze's 3rd birthday party.  This photo is the only proof my son was there.  I never saw him emerge from the giant jump jump until someone yelled birthday cake, and then I got him out for that and was able to snap one picture.

Tate and Rhodes

The crazy mama's.

Sunday Funday.  Ryder, Gaines and Levi enjoyed a game of 52 nail pick up.

And climbing up big dirt piles.  A house under construction is a toddler boy's dream.

Every now and then you can catch Rhodes sucking his thumb.  This is new to us.  Ryder was never a thumb or paci sucker.

So much for keeping Rhodes in the nap nanny.  

Good times with my true loves :)

Monday I received this lovely picture text from my 32 year old husband... When I showed Ryder the picture he asked me why daddy had on a reindeer nose.  Also, several people probably wonder what's up with the shades.  Our dentist provides sunglasses while we have our teeth cleaned.  I have never asked why, although I have always wondered......

At age 32 he still requests the "gas" while getting his teeth cleaned.  I sure wish I could find the link to my blog where I told the story about the time JM requested gas at the dentist a few years ago.  That gas got real good to him and I guess he started hallucinating.  He flew up out of his chair and grabbed the overhead light and started screaming asking WHERE AM I!!!!  Don't worry, nobody in the office has forgotten about it.

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