My last week of work was so incredibly busy that I haven't really even had  a moment to sit back and think about my recent life change.  Over the past 3 weeks we have been busy planning our biggest event of the year.  My last day of work happened to fall on the day of our annual dinner, so it's just been one crazy whirlwind of a week.  

Ryder's wonderful teachers threw him a "last day of school" party.  They love him so much :(  They don't normally do these type of parties but my little man has formed a special bond with them since the class started back in May.  Ryder has been here since he was 15 months old, these people are his family!  He has spent almost more time with them than he has his family.  

On my last day of work I got a call from school that Rhodes had 3 loose stools within just a few hours and I had to come get him.  This was fine, but it was at 1:00 of my last day of work and we were going crazy getting last minute stuff together for this dinner.  Then, I had to have Ryder to his TOT performance by 5:00 that night.  So I left work and got Rhodes, so I really didn't have time to mourn leaving my job, my family over these past 6 years!  

I got everybody home, fed, changed and ready for the performance and loaded both boys up and met JM at the event.  

Ryder and his friend AnnaBelle

I don't know if Ryder was nervous or not, but he had his tongue out, licking around his lips while he was waiting to walk out.  I served as a parent volunteer so I was able to go down and sit with him before he went out.  If he didn' t ask 100 times when it was time to perform, he didn't ask once.

He had no fear.  He proudly went to the very front row and was ready to strut his stuff.

When it was over we were talking to the car and I asked, "Ryder, were you scared out there?"  He replied, "Scared of what?"  That's my boy!

As soon as that was over I scurried over to my work banquet.  It was a great evening but also a little emotional being that it was my last event.

The next morning was Friday, so it was Ryder's first day of his new Mother's Day Out program.  It is from 9-2 on Wednesdays and Fridays. (I scrubbed and scrubbed and could not get the TOT tattoos off, that's what's on his face).

"Wait.  Where are you taking me again?"

"Maybe this isn't so bad after all."

Friday was my first real day as a stay at home mom.  Except Rhodes was at Funtime for his last day of school and Ryder was at his first day of MDO.  So if you called me on Friday to ask me how it was being a stay at home mom, I told you it was FABULOUS!  I was all by myself and got tons done! Now, the true stay at home mom life starts Monday, so ask me then :)

JM has decided this is the best thing I could have ever done.  I cook sometimes, but I wouldn't call it frequent.  Friday night he came home to baked fish and loaded potatoes.  He likes my new job :)

Saturday morning Papa and Becky took Ryder to see a Cat and the Hat play.

And I had Meg's baby shower that afternoon.  Sooooo excited she's having a girl!!!  We are all ready for Miss Layla Belle to be here in April!

Meg and her sweet family.

Me and Kayla


Stalling after the shower because we weren't ready to go home.  Actually, we just figured all our husbands were really enjoying the bonding time they were having with their children.

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