Bundle of Babies

Wednesday morning on the way to school I realized it was time for Ryder's second haircut.  I texted Maghen and told her I needed to make an appointment for Napolean Dynomite.

Wednesday night we all got together to visit with the Larkins, - Shelly, Matt, Mac and Miller who were in town from Seattle.  Pizza party at Kristen's!

The Larkin boys

Ryder, Mandy, Charlotte and Taylor

Devin and Porter

Ashlea and Sofie, who will be moving to South Carolina soon.  So sad they are moving.  But so excited for a potential road trip!

Megan and Lila

Maghen and Lindsey

Courtney, Kristen and Tate

Swayze and Ryder having a movie date

Ryder was super stressed holding all these babies.  Holding on for dear life to Porter and Charlotte.

Bundle of babies from left: Mac, Sofie, Tate, Lila, Swayze, Miller, Porter, Ryder and Charlotte. Rhodes and Levi stayed home and Noah was just a tad too small to sit on the couch at almost 4 weeks old.

Maghen to the rescue.  After my text that morning she brought her scissors that night and gave Ryder and Mac a trim.

After a few fights, these three finally settled on a show.

I recently purchased a sit and stand stroller and thought it was high time to give it a spin.

It was just a little windy so I got Rhodes a hat.

So Ryder wanted one too.  I didn't feel like going back inside so I looked in my car and found one of Rhodes' for him to wear.

Thursday night was a long night.  Something very similar to our first night home from the hospital.  JM and I took turns staying up with Rhodes as he cried and wouldn't sleep.  He was wheezing and just didn't feel good all together.  It was his first time to be sick.  Friday morning I took him to the doctor.  She tested him for RSV but that was negative, she called it bronchiolitis (bronchitis for babies).  We are just doing breathing treatments.  When the nurse hooked the machine up and then left, it was brutal.  Rhodes didn't like it much.

When we did it from home it was a little better.
Then when I started singing to him and showing him his face on my phone, he was cool as a cucumber.
Well you know Ryder was "sick" too.
(After I uploaded this picture I saw that it needed to be cropped at the bottom.  He hopped on our bed right after bath and apparently before we put his underwear on him...)  Speaking of, we have retired the night time pull-up and are strictly on underwear through the night.

After breathing treatments were had by all, Ryder got ahold of my phone and went to work.  Here are two different screen shots of my cameral roll.  Can someone tell me how to delete lots of photos at once?  I have about 75 I need to delete.

 Please help.


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