Big Brotha

As you read on my last blog, I will officially start my new job as stay at home mom on February 1.  Literally the day I decided to be a SAHM, I decided I needed to do something on the side.  Something I could do without having the chillins in childcare. It's in my bones, I've been working since I was 16, all through high school and college - by choice - and I had a one week break after college graduation before I was employed again.  I'm just a working type of girl.

With that said...
A couple of years ago I met a sweet girl though our mutual friend, Mandy.  She told me that she taught TOT classes.  I knew about TOT (Teams of Tomorrow) because it was offered at Ryder's school, but he wasn't old enough to sign up just yet.  From what she told me about her job, it sounded like something I would be interested in if I ever stayed at home eventually, something to do on the side.  It's been two years since that conversation with her, but it has always been in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to Ryder's 3 year old checkup which was 4 months ago, (in September).  As we were wrapping up the appointment, Ryder's doctor asked me if I had him enrolled in any extra curricular activities at school such as TOT, soccer, etc.  I was on maternity leave at that time and had not been taking and picking up Ryder from school as frequently, so I had been missing his fliers that were in his cubby.  I had noticed a TOT flier a couple times, and wanted to sign him up, but never paid attention to the deadline.  After that appointment I called John Michael and told him we needed to put Ryder in TOT.  For those who don't know, TOT teaches kids use basketballs to work on their motor skills.  They learn things like bounce and catch, dribble, bounce the ball, turn a full circle, and then catch the ball, etc.  When Ryder gets home from school on Thursdays I always look forward to him showing me what he has learned.   Anyway - I asked JM if he could call the director since we had missed the deadline because he knows her through work, and she said absolutely we could still get him in.

Now, fast forward 4 months later (two weeks ago) I emailed the TOT director to tell her that Ryder's last day at his school would be January 31, and asked her if they offered TOT at FBC where he will be attending Mother's Day Out.  I wanted him to be able to finish out his year so he could do his big performance in May!  I also mentioned that I was going to be staying home now and knew a couple of people who worked for her and just told her that if she ever needed a sub or an assistant to help teach classes, that I would love to.  She emailed me back thanking me for my interest, but that at the moment, all classes had teachers.  She said she was so glad I contacted her about my interest in working for her though, because she is always looking for people to join her team and that she would love to involve me with TOT when possible.  I was excited to be on her list for future reference.  Then, four hours later she emailed me with the first line being, "You'll never believe it, God is so good!"  Within those 4 hours, one of the assistants dropped one of their classes so there was an opening on Wednesdays at 2:00.

Matthew 7:7: "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

So, after some rearranging of my mom's schedule, we got it worked out where she could watch the boys on Wednesdays from about 1:30 until 4 while I am gone.  I am so thankful for her to help me out by doing this.  She's got so much going on but as always, she goes above and beyond to help her sweet daughter :)

TOT isn't scheduled during the summer, but hopefully when preschool starts back in the Fall, I will be able to pick up a couple of classes while Ryder is in school.  And if I can pick up enough classes to justify paying for Rhodes to go to Mother's Day Out two days a week, I will gladly do that.

So far I've worked two classes at St. Andrews and it was fun!  If I hadn't majored in PR in college, my second choice was elementary ed.  So, now I get my little teacher fix without having to be with those rascals all day.  It's perfect!

Ryder has TOT on Thursdays so I send Ryder to school in his TOT tshirt .  When I picked him up Wednesday wearing my TOT tshirt, Ryder got a big kick out of it.  He said, "Mom, your not a kid, why are you wearing a TOT shirt!"

Well - that's my scoop.   


How about a funny story from my 3 year old.  As we were driving home the other day there were 3 people walking in the median.  Leave it to Ryder:

Ryder:  Mom, just don't run over those people. 
Me: continuing to drive
Ryder: Did you run over them?
Me: No, I didn't run over them.
Ryder: (while turning his head around to see) Well let me just look and see if they are flat.

Friday night we had a fun dinner with the Fyke's at one of our new restaurants in town.  We're super excited we got Blue Rooster, it's yummo.

Proud Levi was showing Ryder his little brother, Noah (3 weeks)
I'm glad they are out and about with Noah.  We were the same way with Rhodes, after about 2 weeks we couldn't sit in the house any longer.   We've got to build those immune systems up early having big brothers at home!

Rhodes had his first try at a highchair thanks to our hand-me-down highchair cover, thanks Lindsey!

Rhodes is at a size where it's hard to cradle him to feed him a bottle because he's wanting to wiggle around and look around the room, so I found a good way that works for both of us.

Saturday morning we were pleasantly surprised at the progress made on our home.

Some friends who have a lot out there as well were out playing at theirs.  Ryder loves a good friend to play with.

I thought Ryder got this desk for homework, not you tube videos of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Lindsey also sent us home with her Johnny Jump Up, we've got a jumparoo, but we like to change things up sometimes.

Sunday morning we walked out to the car for church at about 8:45.  This is how we found my car.  Door wide open.  John Michael had been the last one out to my car at about 6:00 the night before.  Among the valuables were two carseats, 2 pair of ray bans, 2 strollers, a big Peter's Pottery bowl that has been in there since Christmas, just to name a few... and nothing was taken.  There are some nice people who live around us I guess.  However, they could've at least shut my door for me.

Of course after church John Michael's agenda included riding out to the house again.  Ryder had to go to the bathroom as soon as we got there, but we were talking to the construction guys so I told Ryder to just walk around the corner and go.  He pulled his pants down but he peed straight down on them.  Wet clothes do NOT fly with Ryder.  So he just removed his underwear and pants and kept on playing.  The construction guys were getting a kick out of it.  One kept repeating himself saying, "ooooh dat boy just a bangin' and a swangin' like he don't care."

We were off on Monday for MLK day and would you believe it?  We rode out to the lot again.  This time, on the way out there JM "needed" to purchase a chainsaw to cut down all the under brush.

Me and Rhodes stayed warm by the fire.

Poppy made a surprise visit out there and kept Ryder busy throwing sticks in the pond.

And the big boys cleaned up limbs for a bit.

Then another surprise visitor came out there after her dentist appointment.

Day four of framing the house, dang they work fast.
I know none of you read my blog to see progress of our home, but I plan to document the building process just for our sake.

My little 6 month old Rhodes is saying DA DA!  Obviously it's not directly at da da, but still precious nonetheless.
Ryder ran up and and said "Rhodes said Da Da!"  Then the next thing I know he runs over to him trying to get him to say "Big Brotha" (he uses baby talk when he talks to Rhodes, hence the "brotha."

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