Short & Sweet

John Michael and I went away for 24 hours, mainly so that we could catch up on eachother's lives.  You know, we haven't talked much over the past couple months, what with a newborn and a move and his crazy work schedule.
Oh my goodness, we had the best time.  We talked and laughed and just did what we wanted to do!  Did we miss our babies?  Absolutely!  But... the way we see it is not only is this time good for our marriage, but it's also good for grandparents to have this special time with their grandchildren. 
So with that said... Ryder is waiting patiently at the door for us to take him to CC and Poppy's house.

Halfway to Natchez the downpour began.
That's ok, we bought umbrellas.

First stop, lunch at Pearl Street Pasta.

Next stop.  Kelly's Kids! Whoo hoo!!!!  JM dropped me off there and he left and bought us rain coats.  The rain didn't look like it was letting up anytime soon.

Next stop: Casino

Well, we at least paid off one of our rain coats!

Appetizers at Biscuits & Blues

Dinner at Bowie's Tavern.  We were going to do something nice for dinner, but I wasn't about to go back and change into heels and a cute outfit just to get poured on.  We left there at about 9 and called it a night. Crazy, us two!

Next morning, coffee to go from Natchez Coffee Company

While we were gone, Ryder had tons of fun.  Papa, Becky and Kayla took him to WellsFest and he had a blast.

They ran into my sweet friends too!  Kristen and Tate, Megan and Lila.  Thanks to Kayla for sending me tons of pictures throughout the day.  My dad did a good job sending us videos from his phone, too.  Go dad!  Rhodes stayed with CC and I heard he was a good boy too!

And 24 hours later to the minute, I'm back home snuggling with my babes.  Can't beat it.

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