Ryder's Busy Week

JM took Rhodes to school the other morning when he left for work at about 7:30.  I got Ryder ready and took him around 8:15. 

Normally I take both boys - which could be a whole 'nother post - it ain't easy loading up two kids when you live in an apartment complex, what with the heavy carrier, all their belongings, Rhodes' bottles, plus my pump and purse, my big bubba keg full of water, my cup of coffee, Ryder's blankets and his water bottle, etc, etc.  I make several trips to the car before I actually load them up.

Anyway, back to the story at hand.

We were halfway to school and Ryder goes, "UH OH mom, where's Rhodes?"  I said, "oh my goodness, we left him at home!" (I was joking of course)  He got real quiet, then he goes, "Awww... maybe next time."

Ryder was "friend of the week" this week.  He was real proud of his poster.  Although this was super easy and I enjoyed doing this, it just gave me a little hint of what it's going to be like when they have real projects in school, and mom does all the work.

He was too cute showing his friends the pictures and telling who everyone was.

Even sweeter, he loved showing off his brother.

Wednesday is field trip day, and they went skating!!!  I couldn't miss this field trip, especially since it was at a place I basically grew up at.  

First time up on the skates... still on the carpet at this point.  Hasn't made it out to the "rink" yet.

Slow and steady wins the race was clearly his motto.  I finally decided to drag him / wheel him over to his friends.

Just one of a few crashes.

By the end he was a skating fanatic.  Before long he'll be shooting the duck and doing the limbo like his mama!
Thursday was dress like a farmer day.

He really started getting into character.  He helps call the cows in Vaughan so he was HAAA COW-ing up a storm.

Then he got over it real quick.  "I don't want to be farmer Wilson anymore, I'm hot."
Since Ryder was friend of the week, it was his turn to take "Moe the Monkey" home for the weekend, and journal about it so he could share what he and Moe did with his friends.  Ryder took this job VERY seriously.
I had a shower Saturday morning and JM had to plant food plots in Vaughan, so he took the boys to Vaughan with him and Nanni and T got to spend time with them.  They did a great job sending me pictures of things that Ryder and Moe got to do together, such as play the game Trouble.

They got to pick cotton.

Moe even got to drive the golf cart.

This morning before it was time to return Moe to school, Ryder enjoyed sharing one last meal with him.  Moe loved the strawberry pop tart.
Ryder is a lover of stuffed animals.  He sleeps with about 8-10 animals at night.  As I mentioned, he took his job as "keeper of Moe" very seriously.  Around 2 a.m. this morning I heard a little voice walking into my bedroom.  "Mama, I can't find Moe, I think Moe fell off the bed.  Can you  help me find him?"  He was right, poor Moe fell right off the bed but we retrieved him and they both slept safe and sound for the rest of the night.
Ryder is making the best out of apartment living... his 5x5 play space on the back porch.  He said he was building a playground. 
Can I tell you how wonderful this weekend was?  Do you want to know why?  John Michael did not go into the office neither Saturday nor Sunday.  We actually felt like a family all weekend, it was seriously the best weekend we've had in over a year because I'm pretty sure it's been the only one in a year where he didn't work.  Then, he was off Monday (bank holiday) - however he did go in for a little while.  But, after I got off at 3 we went and picked the kids up and took Ryder to see Nemo in 3D.  Of course Rhodes was just along for the ride and slept through the movie.  Good times.

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  1. Ryder is hysterical!!! The picture where he got hot as a farm was a good one. And I am glad he took the job of babysitting Moe so serious!!!
    And I am glad to know another husband works on the weekend other than mine!