The Bryant's cooked some chili and hot dogs last Friday. 
The boys enjoyed snacking on the dips.

Rhodes and Emerson just along for the ride.

Todd and Levi.  Funny how things like this just attract little boys.

Oh. My. Gosh. I love these faces.

Sunday we had lunch to celebrate my dad's (Papa) 60th birthday!  Of course he had Ryder some preschool workbooks and the kindergarten teacher in Kayla came out, so they worked on those before we ate.

He's obsessed with school work, I'm serious.

Gotta get a family shot where you can... good or bad, I'll take it.

Haaaaaappy birthday Papa!

He loves those grandsons.

And those daughters, too.

Papa, Becky, Ryder and Rhodes

On another note, Rhodes started daycare on Monday.  He was much happier than I was...
I was talking to him on the way to school and literally apologizing to him for taking him to school, haha.  I felt so terrible, I was crying like a baby.  It was so hard.  BUT... I'm somewhat part-time now, working 8:30-3 on Mon-Thurs, and 8:30-12 on Friday.  So, that helps.  So far I have very much appreciated my afternoons with both my babies.
It's taking some adjusting as far as getting ready in the mornings and trying to have dinner put together in the evenings, but we are figuring it all out.
We are going to see how this goes, and re-evaluate after the end of the year.  :)
Moving on.
Ryder is learning sign language at school.  WHAT?????
He came home doing the sign language for A, B and X, along with a little song to go with it.
He's also distraught that we don't still live at "the old house."  Everytime he's looking for something he gets a pouty face and says, "Ya'll probably just left it at the old house."
One more for Ryder.  He now only operates on checklists.  When he wakes up he makes a checklist that usually goes a little something like this:  "First we wake up, then tee tee, then get dressed, then milk, then cartoons, then school." 
Sometimes I accidently get off track if you will, and I'll hand him his milk before he's dressed.  Then things go a little something like this:  "But mommy, milk wasn't next on my list."  Or sometimes, I'll ask him if he wants to come and help me change Rhodes diaper.  God forbid.  "MOMMY THAT'S NOT ON MY LIST!!!"
Rhodes' sleeping news:  Umm... I think I can officially say he's sleeping through the night.  It's usually 8:30pm - 5:30am.  I think daycare has helped with this because it has been happening consistently this entire week. And when he does wake up in the morning to eat, all I hear is little whimpers.  He's so quiet.  I'm surprised I hear him most of the time.  He's such a sweetie!
Normally I would dread that 5:30am wakeup call, but now that I'm trying to get rid of this belly bulge, 5:30 works just beautifully for me.  If I wasn't already awake, there is no way I would set my alarm to try and get up to run.  Absolutely, positively no way.  So after I feed him for 15 minutes or so he'll fall right back to sleep and I'll go to the gym.  I only went 3 mornings this week, but I'm telling you, this is huge. And believe it or not, it's getting easier each time.  As I mentioned before, I was running a 15 minute mile the first few times and now I've gotten it down to a 12 minute mile.  Granted it's on the treadmill, which I realize is much easier than outside where there are hills and heat, but it's baby steps.
Until next time... toodles.

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