My 10 Year High School Reunion

Friday night we did some tailgating at a home game.

Ryder's first Sprite, he said it burned.

Courtney, Maghen and Lindsey and I.

The guys thought this was just a BLAST.  Not.
Can you match which wife goes with which husband?

These two boys sweat more than any child I've ever seen.

Saturday night was at Hal and Mal's.  Several of us got together to hang out for a bit before the actual reunion at Ashlea and Kyle's.
Kristen and Meg

Devin, Courtney, Lindsey and Ashlea

Clair and Maghen

High school BFF's still BFF's, and probably closer than we were 10 years ago!

Girls and a few of the hubs.  I do spy one hub who is a Clinton alum, just not our year.

My two precious pregnant BFF's!

And my other precious pregnant BFF.
All these future babies make me so happy!!!

Meg, Holly, Devin and Clair

Brian, this one's for you since you read my blog!
Loved your sweet girlfriend, Tessa!

Meg and Clair

Some of our class.  We graduated with 335, I think about 100 came.

The spouses weren't really into the whole reunion situation, so they walked into another room for peace and quiet...

I'm sure you remember just a few posts back I posted pictures from  Meg's wedding.  Can't believe only a few months later I'm posting she's going to be a mommy!!!

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