He's 3

Since we were supposed to be moving the weekend of Ryder's birthday party, we decided to do his party at Pizza Hut since they have an indoor playground for the kids.  When I went to reserve our spot they told me no more than 20 guests are allowed.  Well, that about sums up our immediate family, but I didn't have anywhere else to do it around here (you never know with the weather so I didn't want to do it at local park).  So, this was just a small family party and then I let Ryder pick 2 friends to come.  He chose Levi and Gaines, so that was that :)


Since we did it at a pizza place, I wanted to go with a little "italian pizzeria" theme, hence the mustache.

This is the picture I was going to use for the back but didn't, I couldn't choose.


I cut out black sticky-back felt to make these shirts for the boys.

Party favors
I just wrapped up a box of theatre candy, and the mustache on top has a sticky back so they could pull it off and put it on.

I "mustache" you a question - will you party with me???

Par-tay Time!

Luckily I had an extra stash to stick on Rhodes' bib for a possible spit up emergency.

Anna Terrell, Rhodes and Nanni

Jeffrey, Poppy and Ryder

Kayla and Bennett

John Michael, Grandaddy, Ryder

Ryder and Gaines

Papa, Becky and Ryder

I was able to get Ryder to stand still for one second for his mommy

JM and the dads all in blue.

The Wilson crew

Settling down to eat a few bites.

Our sisters

Papa and Rhodes


Ryder, Sellers, Walker, Tucker

Poppy, Sellers, Walker, Courtney, CC, Tucker

Me and Courtney

Todd, Lindsey, Melanie, Steve

Papa, Becky, Kayla, Bennett

Poppy and his grandsons

Kayla, mom and I

Walker broke out the first mustache

Sellers' stash

Levi cried when we tried to take off his stash

Glad Ryder's stash wasn't flammable

Play Hut

CC, Poppy, Ryder and sleeping Rhodes

CC and Rhodes

I felt bad that we couldn't invite everybody and have a big party for Ryder, but I must say, that was the least stressful planned event I've ever thrown.  Between the small party and not having it at our house, it was 100% e-a-s-y.

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  1. Hey Brittany! So random...Jill Lamar lead me here :)
    I LOVE the mustache stuff! Super cute job!
    Your babies are precious!