Flap Jacks

Rhodes at his 6 week checkup today.

I was right, he has done some growing.  At his 2 week checkup he was 10th percentile in everything. He is 6 weeks today and his stats are as follows: 
  • Weight: 10 lb 4 oz - 50th percentile
  • Height: 22.5 inches - 75th percentile  
He's a growing boy!

I mentioned his chronic spitting up and she asked if he was fussy, I said no, not really.  So she said they call that "happy spitters" and there is really nothing wrong, so no need for medicine.  Let me just show you what I look like at least 18 of the 24 hours in the day:
Yep, he just spews it out and then passes right out like nothing even happened...

The doctor also asked me if he was smiling at me a lot.  I told her that he's not, only when he's filling up his diaper, like right now:

Maybe this one was real.  Maybe.

I can't explain how much Ryder makes me laugh.  He's friggin' hilarious.  Sunday I was in the living room feeding Rhodes.  I realized I hadn't heard Ryder making any noise until I heard him yelling out something about "a log" and "all by myself."  I jump up and follow the voices to find him in the bathroom, on the toilet, looking in at his "prize."  He says,  "Mama, look it's a log!  But sometimes my friends call it a snake!"  

I took one look -- and I'll spare you the photo (oh yeah I took one and emailed it to John Michael because it was out of this world!) -- it could've made it in the book of world records.  That child.

I've taken both boys out and about by myself several times, but when I have the option for help, I don't hesitate.  So it worked out where Kayla could join us for a Target trip Sunday.  Thank gosh.  Between a couple blowouts, projectile vomiting, and a cranky toddler, the help was much needed and appreciated.

We used the family dressing room so Kayla, Ryder, myself and Rhodes in the stroller could all fit.  Ryder wanted to hold on to my dressing room number (the card that tells how many items you are trying on).  That crazy boy - he looked at us and said, "Guys, I'm going to put this number in my pocket for safe-keeping."  Word for word.  Safe keeping, huh?

And he's totally into the show Little Bear.  So apparently we are the bear family now.  When he wants something from JM he calls out to "father bear."  He calls me mother bear, he calls Rhodes baby bear, and he calls himself little bear.  There is one episode where father bear and little bear make "flapjacks" for mother bear (these are pancakes), and Ryder has seen this episode several times.  Tonight I told him we were going to make flapjacks and he got real excited.

He said, "OK, Mom, now go to sleep.  Me and father bear are going to make flapjacks for you, OK MOM?"  He then dragged me back to his bedroom and made me lay down.  Then he told me to turn off the light and go to sleep (all this happens on the show).  So then I heard him go into the kitchen saying, "Father bear, we need a bowl, some milk and a plate, OK FATHER BEAR?"  "Father bear, we are making flapjacks for mother bear, ok?  Mother bear is resting and we are going to surprise her, OK?"


My absolute least favorite chore is unloading the dishwasher.  Now that Rhodes is here, Ryder wants to help with everything Rhodes, plus all household chores.  He requested to help me unload the dishwasher.

He had a comment for each dish.  "This bowl is for lettuce.  This bowl is for cereal.  This plate is for muffins.  This coffee cup is for adults."

My second least favorite chore is making the bed.  I pulled the sheets out of the dryer and Mr. Clean showed up out of nowhere.  "What are you doing mama, making the bed?  I can help you."

No need for a maid around here.

Ryder loves cereal, but the only kind he eats is Raisin Bran.  While I was grocery shopping the other day I saw these little mini boxes and knew Ryder would be in cereal heaven, so I got them.

He chose Apple Jacks

I picked Ryder up early from school the other day and we went to the library.

He couldn't choose which computer game he wanted to play, he was back and forth, back and forth.

And he got to pick 4 books to check out.  He has memorized one of them already.  Like literally read the entire book to me.  Obviously he can't read, he just memorizes words to books.  When I read him books each night, sometimes I'll skip over words to hurry it up.  Oh no, not happening.  Ryder calls me out in a split second. NO, NO, NO mama, and then he repeats the sentence but with all the words, including the ones I left out.  He has the memory of a ___________ (whatever that saying is).

I was putting Ryder down the other night and heard Rhodes screaming in his room.  Ryder said, "Can I go check on the baby?"  I told him that was fine.  By the time we got in there JM was already rocking him.  Ryder wanted to rock too and "sleep in Rhodes' room."

Morning #2 of fun cereal picks:  Cocoa Krispies!  Ryder was beyond thrilled when he realized the milk turned into chocolate.

After breakfast, Weatherman Ryder gave his report on Hurricane Isaac.

Last story, promise.

Ryder moved into a real bed last November, 10 months ago.  In 10 months he has never gotten out of his bed after we've put him down.  I don't know if he is scared or what.  But bless his heart.  The other morning JM was already at work, Rhodes was sleeping in his crib and I was sleeping in my bed.  JM had slept with Ryder the night before so his monitor was not on in our room.  All the sudden I hear little pitter patter feet coming into my room.  I thought I was dreaming... then I opened my eyes and saw Ryder's sweet little face with a huge grin.  It's the same face he gets when he has done something new, and he's not sure if it's okay or not.  I looked at the clock at it was 8:30 a.m., no telling how long he had been awake calling my name before he took the big plunge and got out of the bed.

Needless to say, he's found a new trick and made a habit out.  Today while I was at the doctor with Rhodes, JM came home because Ryder was napping and I didn't want to wake him up to take to the appointment.  I got an email from JM with this picture and the caption, "I heard the door rattling."
It's that face again... it's like ummm.. I got up... is that okay?

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  1. Ohhh when I read your blog about Ryder he reminds me soooo much of Ford. I want them to get together to play real soon. He still talks about coming to your house on that bumpy road.