Homemade Fun

Rhodes was 1 month on August 19.

As of today he is 5 weeks old and:
  • is finally stretching out to 4.5 hours during the night (may not seem like a lot but after not budging past 3 hours the past 5 weeks it's nice).
  • is most content being held.  But will nap pretty good, it just takes a lot to get him down now.  I have let him cry it out a couple of times for about ten minutes before he finally fell asleep.
  • still sleeping in bassinet in our room, but getting too long for it.
  • is super alert, looks around the room a lot, loves looking at lights.
  • grunts more than any human being I've even known.
  • we ran out of newborn pampers the other night and opened some huggies... he does not have the booty for huggies, pees right through them. 
  • still in newborn diapers
  • when he takes a pumped bottle or the occasional formula bottle, he takes 4 oz.
  • loves to eat, does not miss a meal.
  • still hasn't intentionally smiled at us, only when he tee tee's.
  • has blue eyes for now.
  • officially too long for his little gowns, luckily I found a couple that are just super long so they still fit.  Those are a must for late night diaper changes.

Enjoying the fresh air.

One of Rhodes' first times to hang out on the back porch.

Tuesday I took Ryder and Rhodes to Yazoo City to shop and visit Nanni at work.  Ryder thought he was something else when he took over this empty office.  He kept saying he had to go to work and would sneak back there and "call people" and use his notepad.

Ryder doing his first homework.  I remembered for him to do it right before we walked out the door for school.  Good thing he's a smarty and whipped it right up!

All Ryder's toys are packed up so we have to improvise with homemade fun.

Probably won't be making it to many games this season, so we had our own Maroon Friday at home.

My mom's brother Bill passed away on Monday and we went to Starkville for the funeral on Thursday.  It's such a sad time for my grandmother.  My grandmother has 9 children, including my mom.  Even though she has bouts of dementia, she understands that she had to bury her son and it's just so sad.  I have 17 first cousins from those 9 children and we all were able to make it to his funeral.  Two left before we were able to take this picture.

We weren't going to bring the boys, but my mom wanted us to for my grandmother.  I'm glad we did.  They did really well and they gave my grandmother something to smile about.

I looove my mom and sister :)

Kayla and my cousin Micki, like another little sister.

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  1. Rhodes is Precious!! He looks just like his brother!! The professional pics are precious of the family !! Hope all is going well with yall! Kisses to the boys. I mailed y'all a gift at the beginning of August to your old address- hope y'all got it!