Stuck Like Glue

Ryder hasn't gotten much blog-love the past few posts, so this is Ryder-filled.

-When Ryder is trying to resist bedtime, he really knows how to stall.  One of his favorite excuses not to go to bed is he'll say he's either hungry or thirsty.  I will tell him that it's late and he's neither hungry nor thirsty.  So he'll lift up his shirt and say, "But mama, my tummy said it was hungry and my mouth said it was thirsty."  He knows how to talk his way into anything.

-If Rhodes is anywhere close to Ryder and throws his arm back and it barely touches Ryder, Ryder will yell, RHODES HIT ME MAMA!!!!!

-When Ryder asks for something "special" like a cookie or popsicle or something and I say yes, he gets the sweetest look and says, "I just love you mama."

-The new thing when he wants to show us something, "Hey - check it out"

Rhodes attempts tummy time, but for the most part he falls asleep during it.  He's been good at moving his head side to side since the beginning, but he doesn't like to hold that head up for very long.

Love watching them together.

Like big, like little.  Loves that TV, oh dear.

Me, Kristen and Melanie had a little play date with the babies.  Tate is 3 months, Emerson 3 weeks, Rhodes 4 weeks.

Meet our son, Al Sharpton

See the resemblance?

Ryder remembers everything we say.  We have to be so careful.  Here are some things we've told him before and he was sure to let us know he didn't forget it.  

1.  We have told him, "If you watch too much TV your brain will rot."
So now every time I tell him to pick out a show he'll start yelling out that he doesn't want his brain to rot and he asks how many shows he can watch where his brain won't rot.  He'll say, I want to watch nine shows, is that a lot?  Then, when John Michael was watching a golf tournament the other day Ryder started getting upset and told him, "If you watch too much golf turnip, your brain will rot daddy!!!!

2.  We have told him, "If your tee tee is yellow, you need to drink some more water."
So every time he uses the bathroom and it's yellow he'll yell out, "SOMEBODY FIX ME SOME WATER, MY TEE TEE IS YELLOW!!!"  Or if it's clear he'll say, "I don't need any water, my tee tee is clear."

3.  When choosing something to drink we will tell him, "Just pick one, and don't change your mind." (Many times I'll get out the juice if that's what he wants and then after I've started pouring it he'll say he wants milk.) 
So, when he does this I'll give him this look of disapproval and he'll say "I'm sorry mama, did I swap my mind?" (meaning change his mind).

4.  And God forbid you say the word stupid.  We got on to him once for saying it, and it's really bit us in the butt!  He has called out people he doesn't even know before. 
Ryder says:  "DID YOU SAY STUPID?  We don't say stupid.  You are in trouble.  Come here and let me give you a pop pop and you are going to time out."


I told Ryder no more cookies and left the room for a second.  Came back to find Ryder had dragged the chair across the kitchen so he could reach the cookie box.

Then we went outside because Ryder wanted to "explore."  He has a huge imagination, huge!!!  This particular "exploration" was Ryder pulling leaves off this tree, and bringing them back to me.  He said the leaves were types of fish and he named each type.  Just to name a few, he brought me a hammer log fish, snake fish, daddy fish and grandpa fish.

Telling me what's what.

Rhodes was 4 weeks on Thursday, August 16.

Stuck like glue!

Rhodes is still sleeping in our room at night in the bassinet.  Not sure when we'll move him to his crib.  But at this point, as long as he is sleeping good in our room, I'm happy having him in here.  I don't want to walk across the house to get him every 3 hours to feed.  I'm too tired for all that.  I swaddle his body at night to keep him warm. (I just snapped this pic, it's currently 1:20 a.m.).  He likes his arms out though.  I have this cow blanket down beneath him because he just spewed spit up all over his white sheet.  Oh well.  Not the first time, and certainly not the last I'm sure.
Rhodes is a good baby and for that I am so happy.  Where he makes me most proud is middle of the night situation.  After those late feedings, for the most part he goes right back to sleep after I feed him.  He doesn't require a lot of rocking, soothing and bopping around to get him back to sleep.  I hold him upright over my shoulder for about 15 minutes to make sure he's done burping/spitting up and then I just wrap him back up and lay him down and he's out.

But the 8-9ish feedings are a different story.  He's grunting up a storm, crying, wiggling around, and very hard to get to fall asleep.  We try letting him cry for a little while but it doesn't let down so usually feeding him a little bit does the trick.

I only feed Rhodes for about 15 minutes total and he's obviously getting enough because he makes it 3-4 hours to the next feeding.  I can remember feeding Ryder for nearly 40 minutes and then spending about another hour getting him to fall asleep.  This is working much better for my middle of the night crankiness!


Thursday night we went to our first post-baby dinner with some friends.  It was short and sweet but I missed my babies!!!  My mom and Kayla came over to watch the boys and gave us a few hours out of the house, it was very nice!

Ryder seeing us off

Me, Lindsey, Jessica and Melanie

Saturday morning was spent packing... and packing.  Of course Ryder wanted to help in any way he could.

Taking a color break.

Then a popsicle break.

Following this photo, these two went to the hardware store.  Ryder said something to the cashier and she looked at JM and said, "Aww he has such nice manners."  Then she pulled Ryder's hat up to get a better look at him and said, "Oh, I'm sorry, SHE."  

JM said, "No, he's a boy."

...He has on camo shorts, a tonka truck shirt and a BASEBALL CAP!!!


One last thought.  Rhodes could not look more different in each picture that I take.
This does not look like my child.

Finally getting some time outside, it actually felt decent the other night.

Changing the subject, see the blogpost below for Rhodes' newborn pictures!

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