Feeling the love

Rhodes had his 2 week checkup and he is quite a little thing!  However, he was born at 7lb 1oz and the pediatrician said they like the babies to be back to their birth weight by their 2 week checkup.  He was 7lb 6oz, so he definitely made his birth weight plus some.  He is 10-25% in height, 25% weight and 25% head.  At Ryder's 2 week checkup he was 50% weight and height and 90% in head!!!

For my memory only: The doctor said if I need to give him a pumped bottle at this age, to start with 3 to 3.5 oz of milk.  I wasn't sure since he has nursed the entire time except for one bottle.  But at least now I know how much he is supposed to be getting.

Waiting on the doc...

More waiting... at least he was conked out the whole time.

Ryder is still being cute as he can be.  I normally take him to school every morning but since the baby has been born JM has been taking him.  We have told him several times over the past 2 weeks that I can't take him to school, give him a bath, pick him up and carry him around, etc. for a little while because it will hurt my tummy for a few weeks (although I do still pick him up and hold him when he asks me to, I can't resist).  The other morning he starting getting upset and pitching a fit because he wanted me to take him to school.   Then he said in his little sweet whiny voice, "I want that doctor to put Rhodes back in mama's tummy so she can take me to school."  Broke my heart!!!

Another big brother story: this morning I saw Ryder running out of Rhodes room holding his chair.  He was yelling, "Mama, Mama, Rhodes isn't in his crib!!!"  (He was in the swing in the living room).  Ryder had carried his chair in Rhodes room so he could get up high and peek in his crib, so sweet!


Thanks so much to all of our friends and family who have brought dinner, we have been so blessed by everyone's generosity!  We have had lots of visitors, but this has definitely been the week of visitors!

Lindsey, Todd and Levi brought dinner Monday night.  Levi was obsessed with Rhodes, kept kissing on him and staring at him.  Ryder was more interested in his big brother gift that Levi brought him and I was obsessing over the super cute matching shirts she got the boys!

Lindsey reading Ryder his new book.

My dad, Becky and Emily brought us dinner Tuesday night and my sister came over all day Tuesday to help me run errands, clean and play with the kiddos.

Megan, Carter and little Lila brought dinner Wednesday night and Anna Terrell came over Thursday to help me out.

Mrs. Lisa, Brooke and baby Dylan came over Thursday afternoon.  Dylan is 3 weeks older than Rhodes.  These boys are going to be big deer camp buddies, both their grandaddies belong to the same deer camp.  Good times.

 Ryder opening his big bro gift from Mrs. Lisa.

 And then my co-workers, T.J. and Kristy and T.J.'s daughter Cody brought dinner Thursday night!

I sat back and enjoyed my dinner while JM and his sister did the Insanity workout.  I originally bought this for myself to get back in shape, but after watching him do it the past 4 days I think I'm going to have to pass...  Looks BRUTAL.

 Friday Maghen brought dinner.

By the way, I'm so proud of Maghen, she just opened a salon called The Parlor Salon in Madison/Gluckstadt on Gluckstadt Road.  It's super nice... and so is she :)  Give her a call if you live out that way and are looking for an amazing stylist! 
601-906-9298 or 601-607-4111.

It's pretty obvious that Rhodes has really felt the love after all these visitors this week.
P.S. who is this baby?  Doesn't look like Rhodes at all!  Bless his little clogged tear ducts, that's what the crust on his eyes are.  Promise we bathe him.

Friday after Rhodes and I ran some errands we stopped by my office.  Kristy was quite the multi-tasker rocking Rhodes, typing and answering the phone.

 T.G.I.F. (well, last Friday)

Nanni giving Rhodes his first bottle.

Ryder's nightly "downtime" before bedtime.  Wonder how he felt having someone in between him and his daddy this time?

Opened eyes are few and far between.  Gotta take a picture where I can.

Ryder wanted to rock Rhodes and sing "Rockabye Baby" or in his version, "Rock my baby"

Ryder gives the biggest tickle laughs ever, they are so sweet!

We've had some exciting things happening lately and definitely some answered prayers.  Although our house has been for sale for 8 months or so, asking for it to sale is not something that's been on my prayer list.  It's just not something I wanted to ask for, I just asked that it happen in the Lord's timing, not my own.  So I prayed a lot about that my entire pregnancy, which was exactly how long our house was for sale.  Finally, the day we got home from the hospital we got a call for someone to come see our house.  I thought, I cannot be doing this the entire time I'm on maternity leave, having people call and come look all the time while I'm home with a sleeping newborn.  I asked God for some closure on the situation.  I asked Him to show me what to do.  Take it off the market or please let it sale.  One or the other, we needed to make a decision.  The next day we got a contract on our house from the people who came to look that day we got home from the hospital.  If that isn't straight from God, I don't know what is!  We had the home inspection this morning and we are scheduled to close August 30.  Of course there is always the chance it could fall through, but as of now, we are going to rent for 6 months or so while we build.  

It seems like I've read a lot lately in my daily devotions that we just need to ask God for things, we may not always get what we ask for, but it is okay to ask.  I have a hard time asking for petty things, and praying for my house to sell seemed petty to me, because we didn't need to sell it.  If it was something we needed to happen, then that would've been another story.  But I finally asked for something, and it was given to me!

As much as we wanted our house to sell, I think the Lord there was no way this mom could come home from the hospital to a rental with half our stuff in storage, half our stuff in boxes and half who knows where.  I need organization to function, and that would've made any new mother crazy.  I believe it was meant to be for us to be HOME until after the baby was born and we were settled.  The Lord truly knows us and what is best for us!

We are keeping our fingers crossed...

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