Rhodes is 3 weeks old!

We have had many changes over the past 3 weeks.

  • New baby.
  • Sold our house.
  • Decided on house plans.
  • Packing up our house to move into a rental in 15 days.
  • I sold my car.
  • John Michael sold his Jeep.
  • John Michael got a truck, and I now have the Tahoe hand-me-down.
  • There have been some great changes at JM's job that will allow him to be home more and work decent hours (!!!!!)
Lots of changes, but all good changes.  No complaints here.

I got a photo book made of Rhodes' first 2 weeks and I caught JM looking through it smiling this big at every picture.  He didn't know I was taking his picture, now that's true love!

What's not true love is sleeping through your child's cries when he's right by your ear.  I laid Rhodes down beside JM because I was ready to take a bath, it was 11:30 p.m. and I had been trying to take a bath for the last 4 hours and finally got a chance.  As soon as I turned the water off I heard the screaming.  I yelled JM's name loud as I could and he didn't respond so I got out of the HOT, WONDERFUL, BUBBLY bathtub to see what the deal was.  JM was just fast asleep just like this.  Men!!!


There's nothing like those late night feedings when you are nodding off.  I'm not going to sit around watching infomercials so I have searched for new shows to record so that I can watch them for hours on end during the middle of the night.  Added to my new recorded playlist are as follows:  NO JUDGING!!!
  • Mob Wives
  • Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (OMG - A MUST SEE!!!)
  • Toddlers & Tiaras
  • Love Broker
  • I'm Having Their Baby
  • Tia & Tamera
  • Beverly Hills Nannies
  • Secretly Pregnant
  • Snooki & JWOW (I've never seen Jersey Shore by the way)
  • Hollywood Exes
I think there are more but I can't think of the names.  These are all the most ridiculous shows but they've saved me from falling asleep and dropping my infant during that 3 a.m. feeding (sorry, I know that's dramatic).

My good friend Melanie (Gaines' mom) had her little girl, Emerson one week after Rhodes and we went to lunch to let the little munchkins meet.  We had several people come up to us asking if they were twins.

They are gonna have a big time growing up together and dodging their big brothers!

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  1. Wow at all the changes! Exciting & scary at the same time I am sure. Kyle and I were both laughing at the video. LOVE the playlist! Excellent idea. If it were not for googling random things on my phone, I would probably drop Ty too! :)