Busy Weekend

Meg came to visit after Rhodes was born, somehow these pics slipped through the cracks after she came a couple weeks ago.  Ryder was grinning ear to ear after he opened his remote control truck.  Thanks Meg!

And this little lamb she got for Rhodes has been a life saver on many occasions.  I seriously recommend these.  Rhodes can be crying and we lay him down on this lamb and he's instantly quiet.  I'm serious.  And wow, I can't believe how little he looks now.  He was about 1 1/2 weeks in this picture and he'll be 4 weeks on Thursday and he's already hanging off this lamb.

What's Rhodes' is Ryder's... apparently.

Speaking of Meg, she just got her wedding pictures back from her April wedding.  This was taken as we all first saw her in her dress, I love it.  Oh, and all 4 of us girls in this picture are pregnant (when picture was taken).  Plus another bridesmaid too.  That was one knocked up wedding party!

One of the most handsome (and sweaty) guests.


This weekend was a busy one.

Saturday morning John Michael's parents came over and helped us SOOOO much with moving stuff to the storage room.  They moved most all of our big furniture that we aren't taking to the rental.

Then we got ready to head out for Sofie's first birthday party.
Yeah, I'm that mom.  Matching outfits.  I've purchased several.

Sitting on the floor in our near empty living room :(

Happy first birthday to Sofie White!

Rhodes and Tate visiting at their first party!

Lila, Rhodes and Tate

Friends and babes.  Levi and Ryder were missing...

They were busy being sweaty boys outside.

Devin meeting Rhodes

Ryder and birthday girl Sofie

Sunday morning before church JM went to his office early to get some things done (can I mention how much this poor guy is working right now??????) so I was rushing around trying to get myself and two boys fed and ready for church.  We had some major drama.  Ryder's biscuit was falling apart when he would pick it up.  This is major guys.  Life can be rough sometimes.

We went to Alta Woods for their homecoming service.  Ryder was scouting out Poppy and CC in the choir.  He loudly yelled out HEY CC, HEY POPPY over the balcony.  There were a lot of laughs, it was quite cute.

CC came up to sit with us after they finished singing.

Poppy singing in the quartet.

This is the church where we got married and it was Ryder and Rhodes first time to visit (Rhodes first time at church).

Sweet aunt Kayla

Sunday afternoon we had a big family get together at my aunt Beth's house.

Ryder had his little eyes covered up the entire time Kayla was feeding him.  It was bwight.

Kayla's boyfriend Bennett, and JM

Ryder and his cousins Ava and Hayes

Ashlea and Sofie came to visit and bring us dinner Monday night.

All this busy-ness is making my maternity leave go by WAY TOO FAST.

-Rhodes is now 9 lbs (up 2 lbs since birth - he's 3.5 weeks)
-He's still sleeping a lot during the day.  He gets cranked up at night, usually around 8:00 and cries a lot between 8-11 p.m.  Not awful screams, but he's sure not quiet.  Not sure what this is.  And he'll grunt for an hour straight.  Almost worse than crying.
-I attempted Baby Wise today.  I did okay with it, but when you have errands to run it's hard to stay on schedule.  I put him in his own crib to nap today and yesterday and that was fine.  But then I had places to go this afternoon so it threw us off.  We'll keep working at it.
-He's still sleeping in the bassinet in our room at night.
-It's 1:00 a.m. and Rhodes will be ready to eat any minute now so I better shut her down.  That's all I can think of for now.

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