Nursery is Complete

I'm finally done!

Closeup of the fitted sheet

My rug came in yesterday, it's a little too tan compared to my bedding, but it works.

Those are some big ole' initials (in Ryder's words)

Just a closeup of curtains.

I ordered a throw pillow for the glider in this ikat pattern of the lamp

Changing table

Driftwood mobile above the crib

Poor Ryder.  Everytime somebody comes over they ask to see the nursery and Ryder will be so excited to take them in there.  Then after a few minutes he'll ask, "Wanna see my room?"  So last night after I got done taking pictures he asked me to take some of his room too.


  1. If you don't mind me asking...where dd you get the green patterned throw pillows on Ryder's bed? Or where did you get the fabric. Thanks! And the nursery looks great!

    1. I ordered them from Etsy, they are just pillow covers and I put them on top of plain white pillows you can get from any fabric store. Go to Etsy and type in decorative pillow covers and you will see tons and tons of cute patterns come up. They are inexpensive too.

  2. Love it... sooo cute!!!

  3. Love it! And tell Ryder his room looks fantastic too :)

  4. good job, mama! Both of the boys rooms look precious!!

  5. So gorgeous! I love the colors! And those pictures of Ryder in his room are too precious :)