4th Festivities

I really don't have any interesting stories to tell, just pictures from the past week.  Apologies.

Last weekend John Michael went on his annual golf trip with 3 other guys from college, so I did my best not to give birth while he was gone.  Saturday, me and Ryder bombarded the Sandidge family 4th of July get together. 

Meg and Ryder

Ryder with the Sandidge cousins, Kameron and Emerson.  He loves a good "cousin" so he kept referring them to as his cousins.

"Blown away" by this big fan, literally.

Lunch with Amy and Kameron

Meg went "fishing" with Ryder

Tuesday night we hung out at the Bryant's.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed watching the train go by.

And playing on the hammock

Gaines, Ryder and Levi = BFF

Ryder and Gaines took a bath and jumped on the bed.

Then it was time to wind down.

I get the best snuggle time in when the tv is on.  Lately he has been telling me to get up because I'm squishing him when I share a seat with him.  I can't figure out why?

Yesterday, the actual 4th, I had to wake Ryder up at 10:00 a.m.  By 11 we were getting bored at home and decided to run some errands.  We let Ryder test out a new bike because I want to get him one to have when the baby gets here so he feels special too.

We left with a yard tool set.

Then we went to Bass Pro and Ryder checked out the fish.

And about talked us into buying a boat.

37 weeks!
Giving Rhodes some sugar.

And me some love too.

Later on we went to the fireworks extravaganza down the road.

Ryder ran into one of his favorite friends from school, Avanthi.  I love that Ryder has friends of all different colors and backgrounds.  And I especially love that he doesn't see color.  I don't know why but it almost brought tears to my eyes when they saw each other they just ran up and gave each other a big hug.

Then he got his face painted.  We asked him if he wanted to get an American Flag.  He said, "No, I want a ladybug."  We said, are you sure you don't want a flag?  He said, "I told you I want a ladybug... OKAY?"

We left about 9, the fireworks started at 9:30, so we ran home, bathed Ryder, hopped back in the jeep and just road back to where the fireworks were going and watched them from the jeep.

On the pregnancy front - I'm 37 weeks today.  Nursery is almost complete, I'm just waiting on my rug to get here which should be a week or so.  I thought I was feeling rough before, but I'm here to say I'm definitely feeling it now.  I went to the doctor Tuesday and am still at 1 cm.  I have a pre-natal massage scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  Let's hope giving birth can at least wait until after that, Lord knows I need this!

Here is a 4D pic of Rhodes at 37 weeks:

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  1. You look SO good! It won't be long now. Ryder is going to be a great big brother. Can't wait for Rhodes' arrival!