Memorial Day, New Class, Etc.

Ryder's last day in the Frog class

Memorial Day weekend

Ryder and Levi got some water time in.

After we dried off, Ryder needed to go potty and change his clothes.  He's adamant about not having any help using the bathroom.  He came back out like this.

These two will tear through a bag of chips

More Memorial Day...Fish Fry at the Bryant's

The next day started Ryder's first day in the Monkey class

New room

New friends and new teacher

I love all their learning centers, Ryder especially loved this science center with the magnifying glass.

Ryder wanted to watch "cartoonses" with his animals.  He said, "These are my boys"

We went for Ryder's follow up tube appointment and the tubes are out.  Could be due to the 45,000 times he jumped into the pool while we were on vacation.  Hoping for no ear infections.  I asked the doctor how many ear infections Rhodes will have to have before we can get him tubes, and he said they will look into it after 3 ear infections.  Why oh why didn't anyone tell us this before Ryder got to number TEN?

Saturday, Ryder was claiming his stomach hurt "really, really bad" but he was acting fine.  Around dinner time he started to look a little funny and was not eating and still saying his tummy hurt.  When all of a sudden he threw up all over his grandaddy and the kitchen.  Luckily it was the only time he threw up so I'm not sure what it was, I'm guessing it wasn't a stomach virus since it only happened once.

He was just so sweet though and the next day I took him to pick out a toy since he wasn't feeling good.  I told him one toy.  He asked if he could get 5 toys.  So it all worked out when I saw a pack of 5 types of trucks, dump truck, front-end loader, etc.

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  1. He's a little negotiator like Ford. We have those same trucks.