Saturday we got to shower one of my longest time friends, Meg, for her upcoming wedding.

On top of celebrating Meg, we got a chance to spend time together which is always a plus.  After the shower all these girls came to my house and we got to talk and catch up even more, never a dull moment and always lots of laughs.

Then on Sunday we went to Vaughan.  Ryder assisted in picking up golf balls in the pasture.

He was very intent with his search and was sure not to drop any balls by rolling them up in his shirt. He also got some good practice for Easter.

Monday night John Michael had something to do, so me and Ryder went out to eat.  He insisted on sitting in the booth while I ordered, and that was fine with me because I could see the top of his head, so I knew he hadn't gone anywhere.  After ordering I walked to the table to find him with the salt shaker in his hand, upside down, in mid-stream.  The worker was right behind me bringing our food and saw the mess and said "Boy what did you do!  Did you spill that salt?"  Ryder replied, "yeah, I did."  The worker looked at me and said well at least you know he don't lie!

Over the past couple months, Ryder wakes up sometime during the night, screaming at the top of his lungs, MAMA, DADDY, MAMA DADDY, COME IN HERE PLEASE!!!!  Once he's sitting up in bed, there's no way he's going to lay back down without one of us.  So off we go to his room.  We take turns each night.  Tonight I was laying in bed with Ryder before bedtime and we were talking.  Every night we have the talk and I ask him why he wakes up and calls our names out and he usually just says, "Because I do."  Sometimes he says "Because I want ya'll" (which melts my heart), and tonight he said, "Because guess what?"  I said what?  He said, "sometimes I cry at night cause I want you and daddy to come in here and sleep with me."  I couldn't help but laugh, he is just SO innocent and honest.  It was so sweet that I accidentally told him he could call out to me anytime and I would be there.  I shouldn't have said that because Lord knows he doesn't forget anything, and he'll certainly hold it against me.  But I love him SO MUCH!  I can't help it!


The question I get alot is who does Ryder look like?  Then they answer their own question by saying he looks identical to John Michael.  I don't see either of us in him, probably because he's mine, but it's hard to see.  So the bottom line is probably one person has thought he looked like me.  I could care less who he looks like, but I'm just glad to know he favors at least one of his parents.  It is no secret Ryder has minimal front hair (bangs), but what he does have are "wings" of hair above each ear.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

As I was going through a cabinet looking for some wrapping paper for the above wedding shower, I came across my baby book.  In it were lots of photos, but I especially giggled when I saw this picture of myself with my "wings."  Dislaimer: I was only 13 months and that is why my face is so GIGANTIC.  Gotta blame it on the baby fat.  So, needless to say, I guess I can claim the Ryder's wings as mine.

OK, after I posted this blog, Connie found a picture of Ryder at 13 months too and put them side by side, too funny!

Only 2 days left to vote whether you think Ryder is going to have a little brother or little sister, see the poll at the top of my blog!


  1. Girl.. he looks just like you and your dad to me!!! I personally think its a boy for some reason.

  2. I think he inherited more than just the wings. He looks a LOT like you I think, especially the baby pics! I voted boy :) You look great!