Ball Games and Grass Stains

Now THAT'S what little boys are made of!

I know my appointment was scheduled for Thursday, but yesterday I called to see if they had any openings for Wednesday, and they had one, so I took it.  I couldn't wait any longer!

 Here he is

She snuck a 4D picture in, which made me very happy!
Just a few reasons I am so excited we are having a boy:

1.  Because I LOVE having a boy, Ryder gets sweeter by the day... and you know what they say about boys and their mama's!
2.  We don't have to buy any new baby gear (carseat, bouncer, swing), because all Ryder's stuff was definitely in the blue family.
3.  All the clothes we DON'T have to buy (although I will admit I was looking forward to buying some new clothes), but most of Ryder's clothes were borrowed and have been given back, so maybe I'll still be able to buy a few new things without feeling too guilty.
4.  We don't have to start saving for a wedding (ha. ha.)
5.  Ryder will have a little buddy.  I will say I'm sooooo glad I have a sister, and I think it'll be vice versa for Ryder.
6.  And my final reason is now we have an excuse to try for another one, one day!!!

So I know this is the appointment everyone looks forward to (if you are planning to find out the gender), but being the way that I am, I was so nervous because I knew this was the appointment where they look at all the parts and make sure everything looks "normal" and if it appears that there will be any problems with the baby.  I have been worried about this appointment from the beginning because last time we had this 20 week appointment with Ryder we found out he had this choriod plexus cyst on his brain (it ended up going away).  But I am so happy and thankful that everything looked good.  Only one small little thing and that is my placenta is low (same with Ryder, but it ended up moving up where it was supposed to be) and if it doesn't move up I could have to get a c section and possibly be put on bed rest, so if that's all there is, I'm the happiest camper ever.  Plus, this just means I get extra sonograms!  ALL glory, honor and praise to God!

Here's a quick clip of us telling Ryder he's going to have a little brother.  It's PRICELESS what he says.  I have never ever heard him say this before and it cracked us up so bad, it was definitely luck that we caught it on camera.


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