Halfway to Three with a Gangsta Lean

Ryder is two and a half today!  Allow me to jot down his milestones so we can look back one day in the blog book:
  • You can spell your name, and at a high speed too!  You will yell R-Y-D-E-R before I can even get to the Y!  And also spit out your full name.  You like to know what everyone else's middle name and last names are too.
  • You know your address, and you say it with such enthusiasm that it's funny.
  • You know your birthday, you say September Eight.
  • You know which is your right hand and your left hand, right foot and left foot.
  • You can sing many songs all the way through, such as Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle, ABC's, Skinama-rink-a-dink-a-dink, and you have made up a few songs lately...
  • You say your blessing before every meal, head bowed, hands in prayer, and eyes closed.  Well, eyes aren't always closed, they are usually scanning the room to make sure everyone else's eyes are closed.
  • You can carry on an adult conversation with us, it makes it very easy for us to get things accomplished at home!
  • 2 1/2 years was my goal to start getting you ready to be potty trained, but you are already almost fully there.  We've definitely had to throw away a couple pair of underwear though.  However, I won't deem you truly potty trained until you can actually tell us you have to poo poo before it comes out, not DURING....
  • Every night for dinner when I ask what you want you say "chicken, french fries and ketchup", you're definitely your mama's baby.  But you have gotten into cereal and milk lately.  You love Raisin Bran, but you call it bacons - I think you think the raisins are called bacon.  (Ironically, last night he had cereal and milk for dinner, but we put some chicken and ketchup on another plate.  We looked over and Ryder was dipping his chicken into the milk in his cereal bowl.  We were cracking up!)
  • You scream bloody murder when we turn the TV off. 
  • You weigh 31 pounds and are 35 inches tall
  • You are SO caring.  Sometimes when you accidentely bump into me or "hurt" me, I'll fake cry and you will run up to me and say, "Don't be sad mama, please don't cry!"
  • You are the biggest blessing in our lives.  We love you soooooo much!

Over in babyland we are trying to come up with some names that we like.  This is a difficult task.  Also, I am 20 weeks along today and already can't wear my wedding rings.  I have a middle ring and then 2 bands.  So I am currently wearing just one band.  This is not a good sign, I didn't have to drop the rings until a couple weeks before Ryder was born last time.  Ryder's not feeling too brotherly lately.  When I ask him questions about the baby he either quickly changes the subject or tells me that HE'S the baby.  I've started feeling little thumps in my stomach, you can't feel them on the outside yet.

Here's our first official pictures of our family of four


Monday I got a call at 3:00 from Ryder's school that he had jumped 2 feet off the play equipment and must've landed funny, then before the teacher could get to him another kid jumped on top of him.  When he got up he was complaining that he couldn't walk, however, he could walk, but just with a pretty significant limp.  So I picked him up about 3:45 and we went home.  He said he wanted to ride his bike so I didn't know what to take of that. 

Off we went around the neighborhood on his bike.

When we passed by one house, there were two dogs yapping away.  Ryder couldn't stand it, he got off his bike and picked up a leaf and said he wanted to feed them.  Then he said he wasn't leaving until we let the puppies out.

Luckily he got distracted by the rocks behind him on the sidewalk.

He wanted to put as many as possible on his bike so we sat there for 20 minutes while he loaded them up.

This apparently caused him to become tired, so he sat down next to his bike and told me to drive his bike home and he was going to ride on the back with the rocks.

Clearly that wasn't going to happen, so since little limper couldn't walk a far distance, I had the great honor of carrying him on one hip and the bike in my other hand a pretty good ways down the neighborhood until we got home. 

So, he could ride his bike fine, but when it came to walking he just couldn't do it right.  I made him an appointment for Tuesday.  The doctor didn't think it was anything too serious.  He suggested I get an xray and I asked if it would be okay to wait until the next day, he said if I was going to do that then I might as well not get one.  I took his advice and as of today (Thursday) he's fine.  He's still got a little lean to his step, but overall, much better.

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