I'm not a hashtag type of gal.  Neither is John Michael.  I didn't know what they meant for a long time, it was months before I understood why people on Facebook were posting status updates and then ending it with a pound sign and a bunch of words typed together with no spaces.  The only time I have ever used one was recently when I emailed my friend Kristen a picture of my 8 week old large pregnant belly with #concerned as the caption.  You are probably wondering where this is going.

This morning, about 30 minutes after John Michael got out of the shower I noticed his hair still looked really wet but I'm not a big talker in the morning so I didn't feel like broaching the subject.  About 10:30 a.m. I got a text from him that read:  "I'm starting to wonder if I used your conditioner this morning instead of my shampoo."  #greaser

I laughed and laughed and laughed.  I told him I knew something looked odd about his hair this morning.  I told him to go home and wash his hair and he said no, that everybody had already seen it at work.  When he gets off work at 5 (instead of later) he calls to tell me that he will pick up Ryder.  Well today, he called to tell me that he was getting off at 5, but asked if I would go pick up Ryder because he was not going in there having people think he didn't wash his hair this morning.

Not that this is pick on JM blog day, but another incident happened today.  You may remember a long time ago I blogged about his episode at the dentist office when he got a little loopy on the gas.  Yeah, he asks for gas to have his teeth cleaned.  If you will remember, the lady was in mid-cleaning and he whacked his head straight up and started yelling "where am I, where am I!"  Well, today wasn't nearly that bad, but he told me that the gas must've gotten to him again because when the lady told him to close his mouth so she could use the little suction tube that sucks all your spit and stuff out (sorry....), he couldn't quite follow directions.  She said, "ok, close your mouth" and he proceeded to keep his lips open, and he only shut his teeth (like it was biting it).  She said, "no, close your mouth" and again, he just bit down on the thing, with lips still apart.  One more time, "please close your mouth around the suction John Michael," and he replies, "I AM CLOSING MY MOUTH!" (keep in mind this is through closed teeth still).  Finally, she says, "ok, close your lips too."  He finally got it.

I am going to have to switch dentists due to constant humiliation.  He's the oldest human being to use gas while getting his teeth cleaned by at least 27 years.

As if the poor guy hadn't been through enough, after his dentist appointment we went to lunch.  As soon as the waitress walked up to our table the first thing she ask, "What can I get you ladies to drink today?"


Ryder got lots of good grandparent time in this past weekend.  Saturday his Papa and Becky came over to take him to his favorite place, Chick-fil-A, which helped me a lot because I wanted to get a good house cleaning in because some people were coming to look at our house on Sunday.

So Sunday we couldn't be home when they came, so we went to Vaughan.  We forgot his jacket and it was cold out, so we settled with these thermal underwear shirt and toboggan.

Well it did the trick.

Nanni took him for a spin around the yard.

And Grandaddy practiced throwing the football with him.

Then Monday night he went to Poppy and CC's while we had small group.  I probably don't say this enough, but we are SO BLESSED to have grandparents living so close to us and that love spending time with Ryder and see him as much as they possibly can!


As always, Ryder cracks me up every single day.  The other night we were all laying on the bed talking and John Michael was grabbing Ryder's feet and hands and telling him he was going to eat his fingers and toes (joking obviously).  Ryder responded with, "Don't eat me daddy, I'm not a snack!!!"

Then, on Monday since we were home most of the day I thought it would be a good chance to try little undies on Ryder.  I tried to keep him outside as much as I could so he couldn't make too big of a mess.

Then we took a potty break.

All was great outside.  And then we went inside.  One hour indoors wearing undies = Fail.  We were standing in the kitchen and Ryder started going Ouch Ouch Ouch Mama, HOT!!!!  I couldn't figure out what he was talking about until I saw the puddle under his feet.  I guess it was really warm running down his leg and it shocked him.  Thank the lawd this was on the kitchen floor and not while he was sitting on his bean bag chair or his other little anywhere chair.  I couldn't be mad with him of course and I also couldn't hold my laughter.  We'll give it a little longer before we try that again.  He does great staying dry in his pull ups, but of course he has his accidents a lot too.

We'll keep chugging along.

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  1. I don't think I have told you Congratulations!! I am so excited about your news!! I am totally not a hashtag person either, but I tend to live under a rock :) Hang in there with the potty training, and don't stress about it. Ryder is such a smart little boy, he will catch on fast. Take care :)