Wrestlin' Ryder

Friday night Ryder got to go to a WWE wrestling show in Jackson.  Boy did he think he was something.

Since they were in town and Teddy was on the show, Kristen was able to get us tickets.  It was quite the crowd there.  Wrestling fans are hard core.  I thought the man behind us was going to go into some sort of cardiac failure if his guy didn't win.  And he basically gave us all a nice bath with his spit that flew out with each yell. 

We were the only ones who weren't in our black WWE tshirts and wearing a big gold belt displaying the WWE logo.  When we went through the line the lady taking up tickets said, "I just have to ask... are ya'll married to wrestlers?"  We told her Kristen was, and she said, "OK I wondered, because ya'll sure don't fit the looks of the normal crowd here."

The three pregs enjoying the show.
He was clapping and yelling out the names that the crowd was yelling out.  And when they got into a chant of some sort we would look up to see Ryder in full chant mode.  "R-TRU, R-TRU, R-TRU"  Funniest thing ever.  He was soooo serious too.

Ole Teddy himself.

Ryder's new Toy Story obsession has forced us to purchase a pull string Woody doll who goes everywhere we go.  Even to wrestling matches.

I never thought Ryder would make it this long, he's set a new record by staying up until 10:00 p.m.


Where's daddy????
 Ryder thought that was just hilarous, I thought it was quite funny too.  Reminds me of the witches legs on Wizard of Oz.

Ryder wanted to be funny too.  I asked if I could get in, he said, "No mama, you're too big.  Boys only"


I'm a almost 12 weeks now and the sickness and extreme fatigue have pretty much worn off.  Except for last Friday.  I usually eat cereal in the mornings but we were out of it so I settled for a banana instead.  I still took my prenatal vitamins because I thought the banana would hold me over.  I was feeling great, loaded Ryder up in the car for school, and about 2 miles down the road it hit me.  My mouth started watering and I was at a place on the road where there was no pulling over.  And I had about 3 stop lights to go before I could get somewhere.  I looked down on my floorboard to see what I might ruin if I have to puke.  I was doing my best not to think about it, and just kept swallowing 100 times.  Finally I was almost to Ryder's school and got to a place where I could pull over.  Before I could even get the car door fully open it all came to surface.  I was SOOOOO embarrased.  I was in an empty parking lot, but on a very busy road and I just know somebody saw me.  I was so scared a police officer was going to pull in and think I'd had a late night on the town or something embarrassing like that.  It was awful.  Well that's the last time I've taken my vitamins in the morning time.  Night time for me from now on.

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