Princess Ryder?

I was not expecting to have this adorable 12 1/2 week sonogram photo for your viewing pleasure because I wasn't supposed to have one until 19 weeks when we found out what we were having.  But the Lord works in mysterious ways, so let me explain.

12 week sonogram
At my 8 week appointment I had a sonogram.  Everything looked great on the screen, good heartbeat, etc.  But when I got back to my doctor's office to talk with her, I got out the photo to look at it, and then I got a huge knot in my stomach.  There was this humongo circle that looked like a big gaping black hole right in the baby's head.  I asked my doctor about it, and she kind of looked at it funny, but said it was nothing and she started getting out her medical books to reassure me.  I guess I still had a worried look on my face so she called the sonographer to come in her office to look.  The sonographer said that it didn't look like anything unusual to her.  I felt a little better.  But over the next 4 weeks I had been staring at this picture and wondering what in the world was this black hole.  I know to you it doesn't sound that bad because sonogram pictures always look a little iffy, but let me just show you what I'm talking about:

8 week sonogram

There, on the left side.  Wouldn't that worry you too?  So what else to do but start to google.  I googled 8 week sonograms and everyone I pulled up did NOT have this black hole. 

Fast forward to my 12 week appointment.  This was just an appointment to hear the heart beat and talk to the doctor.   I was really really really wanting to do another sonogram, but she's pretty by the book on stuff like that so I was afraid to ask her if I could do one.  I mentioned it to the nurse when she walked us back, and she said if I was worried about it that I should say something to her, but that my doctor pays very close attention to stuff like that, and if she thought there was a problem she would've definitely followed up on it.  That made me feel a little better so  I told her I wasn't going to ask for the sonogram (although I secretly still wanted one really bad).

Then my doctor comes in, we chat for a quick second and then she uses the little doppler thing on my stomach.  And she can't seem to find a heartbeat.  So now I'm a nervous wreck.  So then she calmly says ok let's get you back to sonogram.  Of course I'm now worried about the baby and have totally forgotten that I was wanting a sonogram for the other reason.  So she walks back there with us and the sonographer does her thing and hallelujah, there's the heartbeat and baby squirming around.

What. A. Scare.  But I truly believe God knew that I needed to see that everything was fine with his/her little head (which isn't so little), and if that's how He had to get my attention, well, that's fine by me!


We took Ryder to the movies Saturday to see Chipwrecked.  He's never been so I was curious how he would act, especially since that movie isn't a full blown cartoon, but he did really good.  I wanted to take him to Beauty and the Beast since the whole thing is a cartoon, but it's in 3D and there's no way he's going to keep on glasses the whole time.  And then if you don't wear them the screen is all weird looking.

Next we went to the new and improved Keifer's.  I was told during my last pregnancy that I could not eat feta cheese, and she even gave me the example of Keifer's feta cheese.  So, I went that whole pregnancy withouth it, and for the last 12 weeks of this one as well.  My other pregnant friend told me that she went and asked and they told her that the feta was pasteurized.  So I thought I'd go and ask too.  The guy went as far as to bring out the big bucket and let me read on there that, in fact, the feta cheese was made from pasteurized milk.  So, hopefully I've shared a useful piece of information with you, because I surely wish I would have known this all along.

I always forget to mention this on my blog, but ever since Ryder's 2nd birthday party, he has felt the need to pick up random items off the floor, put them on his head like a party hat, and sing Happy Birthday to You. 

"Happy Birthday to Keifer's Menu"

If I had a dollar for every time Ryder picked up something random off the ground, put it on his head, and started to sing Happy Birthday to You... you guessed it, I'd be a millionaire.

I did go through my phone and found a few pieces of evidence:

"Happy Birthday to Cow"

"Happy Birthday to Lego Toys"

Happy Birthday to Christmas Tree

Happy Birthday to Lion King Book

The list goes on and on and on.  I need to dredge up a few video's I have of him doing it as well.

While I was searching my phone pictures, I came across this that he made at church.  The teacher's wrote down what he said he was thankful for and he listed me and John Michael, and his little sweet friend Levi.

More long lost phone pictures.
The answer to grocery shopping moms prayers.

And let me not forget....
Friday Ryder's Grandaddy and T picked him up from school to take him to the park, etc.  They didn't have any pull ups so Grandaddy ran in the store while Anna Terrell stayed in the car with Ryder.  I got a picture message from Anna Terrell telling me he came out with some mini graham crackers, wipes and a 25 pack of these:
Oh no, they aren't going to waste at my house.  He wears them proudly at home, frequently shouting "I have on princess pull ups!!!  But I'm not a girl though!!!"

Fear not, these are only worn at home.  I pack his boy ones for outings and school.

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  1. Oh bless your heart! But yes, God knew :) So glad everything looks perfect! Loving those pull ups ;) Brantlee would frequently wear Diego ones just so they wouldn't be wasted, ha!