He's Got Jokes

Such the comedian he is.  Here I am, 9:30 at night, fresh out of the shower, hair in a towel, slaving over the swiffer mop, and John Michael thought it would be cute to walk in and start taking pictures of me and calling me Aunt Jemima. 

Do you see the resemblance?

I know I'm pregnant and all, and growing by the day at that, but I do hope when he called me Aunt Jemima he was referring to the white towel on my head and not the size of our bod.


Ryder has been totally cool with the princess pull ups ever since we got them, not sure what got to him this go round.  It could have something to do with the fact that another little girl in his class wears these same ones.  His teacher told me that when she takes them to the bathroom and they are carrying their pull ups, he is quick to tell her that the ones she is carrying are NOT his!

I knew it wouldn't take long before I caught Ryder on video singing happy birthday to something.  The day after I posted about his birthday singing fetish, I caught singing to his green bathtub cup, unfortunately he stops short, but you'll get the drift.

Ryder and I had a little outing at Zaxby's.  I walked over to fill up my drink and returned to see my clearly starving child licking his cup of ketchup.  I told him to stop eating the ketchup, he said "But I'm starving!"

Ryder has been interested in talking about my stomach lately, and he now truly believes he has a baby growing inside of him too.  He likes to pull up his shirt and tell me to look at his baby.  He always says his baby is awake and asks me to rub it.  Then he said his baby was a boy named Ross and mine was a girl named Anna Ross.  He also said that our babies won't be able to walk when they are little because they will be wearing pajamas.  He kept wanting to rub my belly but his hands were ice cold, and I don't like people who are cold touching me, so I told him my baby was sleeping and his reply was "But it's probably not sleeping."  The word of the week is "probably."

Ryder at the park, isn't he cute!!!

My friends Mandy and Taylor got married in Jamaica earlier this month and we were not able to make it, unfortunately.  But she is one of the most thoughtful friends I know, and we got a cute little package from her with a pair of sunglasses and a drink koozie enscribed Mandy and Taylor, Jamaica, 2012, etc.

Saturday we went to a Grow conference at our church, which was basically a conference about being Godly parents, raising our children to know and follow Christ, and shepherding our children's hearts.  It was great and we learned alot!  Ryder was there most of the day, and then my dad and sister picked him up to take him to get some lunch and back home for a nap while we finished up.  They put him down at 1:30 and he woke up at FIVE.  Saturday night Ryder's friend Gaines came over to play, but since he was still a little grumpy from such a long nap, he preferred to sit around and watch TV most of the time.  In this position.

Sunday we went to a Minnie Mouse birthday party.

Then we took the jeep out on such a pretty day to let Ryder throw rocks and sticks in the water at "the land" as he calls it, which is actually our lot.  John Michael and I both had our sunglasses on our head and looked back to find that Ryder had done same thing with his Jamaica shades.

Our lot or "the land"

Ryder's going to love having this little pond in the backyard.

Everytime we go out there he searches for the stump he's standing on.  He prefers to throw his collections from this very spot.

Last night after I got Ryder out of bath and was getting some pj's out of his drawer he spotted something on his dresser.  He said, "I want to ring the doorbell mama" I said, "the doorbell?"  He said, "Yesssss mama I want to ring it, I want to ring the door bell!"  I just laughed it off and said ok next time we go to the car I'll let you ring it.  He kept on and finally I looked over and just started laughing.  He saw his COW bell on the dresser and wanted to ring it.

When I looked on the video at Ryder's school today I saw a few of them were wearing bandana's on their heads.  When he got home he said, "mama I want to be a tirate and I want to wear a banana."  He pronounces pirate as tirate and I just knew he was referring to the bandana's from school, so I granted his wish.

When John Michael gets home from work Ryder always demands that he take off his tie.  He always finds something random to do with these ties.  Tonight he decided to use it as a tug of war rope. 
(just noticed the plumber crack when the picture was enlarged)

He kept saying, "I want to win, I want to win!!"  When I said it was time to put the tie up, he said, "But I want to win first!"  Sounds like he's going to be the quite the competitor in life.

The end.

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  1. Adorable pictures and stories :) Ryder is just too smart and cute! And I love how you ended the post with "The end". Sometimes I don't know how to wrap up blogposts either, I think I'm going to start using that haha!