You What?

The under clothing of Ryder's costume.  Those leggins were straight out of the little girl section.

Mr. Potato Head

My boss had the brown felt and made the body for me, and I picked up some different colored felt to make the facial features.  I can't sew, so thank you hot glue gun.

Ryder and Gaines at the Haunting of Olde Towne

Ryder, Levi and Gaines

While waiting on the costume contest, we went over to visit the firemen.  They offered to let Ryder take the truck around the block, we didn't but it was still a sweet offer.

They showed Ryder how to turn on the red flashing lights and gave him a fireman dalmation.

Contest time

Yeeeahh for first place!!!!  At least one of us is excited...

His way of saying thank you for a fun night!

The next day was his party at school.  We didn't think he would be too thrilled waddling around in a potato sack all day so I picked up a cape/mask set and got out his blue pants and white tshirt and used the leftover felt from Mr. Potato's nose and cut out an R.  He loves Super Why so I told him he was Super Ryder.  If you've seen the show, you know he was running around screaming, "SUPER RYDER, WITH THE POWER TO REEAAAD!!!"  

Showing off at school

Ryder and his friend Evan.

Saturday morning he put the two costumes together... 
Saturday night I had a work event that we put on for the city that was fun for the whole family.  It was a "tailgating party" and we had big tv's to watch the games, hayrides, a live band, bbq, jump houses and of course the park to play at.  We had a blast!  And I must say I'm proud of how our first attempt at this event turned out!

Levi, Swayze and Ryder chowing down on bbq

Fides - great music!

My sweet friends came out!

Ryder was beyond exhausted on Sunday.
"It's stuuuuuutt mama"

"Open it, puhhh-leeeaase"

Sunday afternoon we went to visit Grandaddy for his birthday and it didn't take Ryder long to ask to go see the cows.

He had no clue

On Halloween night we decided not to go trick or treating this year.  We'd had our share of halloween events so he had fun opening the door and handing out candy.  He kept asking, "When's more friends coming?"

I know this is probably TMI, but I can't help it.  Ryder's been using the potty pretty frequently but it's rare for him to go #2.  Until recently.  And the past few times he's gone, he'll be straining and saying in his strained voice (which makes it funnier), "I'm poopin' a boogie, I'm poopin' a boogie mama!" 


Don't know where he gets it.  Then when he's done he looks in the potty all proud and with a huge grin he says "I pooped a boogie!!!"  When I'm cleaning out his nose I'll say let me get your boogies, so I don't know if he thinks those are the same or what... I haven't corrected him yet because I just think it's funny.

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