Big bed

Ryder's school Christmas proof's came in.  There were 4 options but I have it narrowed down to these, I can't choose!  They were taking at 8:30 in the morning, so unfortunately his little eyes are still sleepy and swollen.

Gaines and Levi's mommies brought them over to play and eat supper with us!

Ryder refused to take John Michael's hat off before his nap the other day.  I gave in and let him keep it on, even though I was worried it would wake him up when he rolled around.  I went in there 3 hours later and he was still conked out, I had to get a picture.  Looks like the flash startled him, but he didn't wake up.

A couple weekends ago we wanted to get out of the house (as always) and drove to the reservior and planned to have a picnic, but then decided that Ryder probably would not eat outside and went to get lunch at a restaurant on the reservior instead.  He kept saying we were at the beach.

He was amazed that he could see the water through the cracks.

Then we pulled off the trace, literally right into the grass and got out she he could run around and throw rocks in the water (his favorite sport).

If you don't know, John Michael is the dirty diaper nazi.  If Ryder makes the slightest grunt, you better believe ole' dad is checkin the britches.

Ryder tried to make a run for it, but his dad won.

I learn something new everyday, these are horseapples.

Friday we went to Vaughan for Nanni's birthday.  Ryder got a present of his own.  A new tractor, and as he says it, "I got uhhh Joooooooohhhn Deeeeeeeeeeeeere Traaaaaaaaaaaaaactor"

They took a ride on the big tractor too.

Soon as Ryder hopped off, he began the staring game...

...with this

I think he got a little spooked (Ryder, not the cow) and he took off... and then tripped.... right into a pile of poop.  He didn't forget it either, he talked about it the whole way home, "I felled in that doo doo!"

I learned something new.  JM asked me if I knew what that line was through the grass.  Of course I did not know and could not even guess.  He said that when the cows walk to wherever they are going, they walk one behind the other and stay on this same path each time, therefore it has made a permanent indention in the grass.  Pretty cool.

After our adventure in the pasture, we went to their great grandmother's old house located way back out on their property that is caving in and JM and his dad pulled down some old wood to make Ryder a headboard.  Here is the beginning of the process.

Layed out and ready to be screwed together (and washed really good).

I told Ryder this was going to be his new bed.  He said night night and dropped down.

Saturday was a big day.  We went to Clinton's holiday market.  I got to shop a little and had to work a little too.  We ran into Lindsey and Levi.

Next we went to Connie's studio and had photos made with Santa.  I was so glad Connie was the one taking them since Ryder is comfortable around her, I think that's why he did so good and wasn't too afraid of Santa.

Although we weren't dressed for the occasion, we hopped in one too.

Cannot believe the child gave him a hug.  No fear this one.

Saturday night we cooked out and watched the State/Alabama game with Kayla and her bf Bennett.

Sunday night we decided to try out the new bed.  This would be the first time Ryder has slept in a big bed by himself.  We didn't have any rails, so I was a little nervous, but he did great.  Didn't wake up one time and only one pillow fell off the side. 

So now it's been two nights in the bed and he seems to be loving it.  The part I love is laying in bed with him at night before he goes to sleep and just talking to him.  He loves to hug up on me and he even plays with my hair, it melts my heart.  Lately, he will just run up to me, give me a big hug and say "I loooove you mama" with a huge grin on his face.  What a blessing he is!

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  1. The I feel in doo doo cracked me up!!!
    Oh and that is the same tractor that Ford has. It was worth every penny... he is obsessed!