Paper Nackin'

Saturday was Mississippi College's homecoming.  Since we happen to live two miles from John Michael's alma mater, why not?

Met up with the Perrett boys

Showing respect during the National Anthem

Can't resist a family shot when we are with other people that can take our picture for us.

It got too hot at the game, we found something better.

Either Ryder kept forgetting their name or it was just a mouthful saying Preston and Pace, so he kept referring to them as boys.  Come on boys, over here boys, up the slide boys.

 The boys with their daddys, very sweet.

I got double lucky Saturday night, my mom AND my sister were over at the same time!  We're all so busy, it's a rarity these days!

Sunday morning as I was getting Ryder ready for church I got his pants on but realized I needed to iron his shirt.  I heard some clonking around while I was ironing and thought it was John Michael in his boots.  But the steps kept getting louder and faster, and I was like what is he dancing around the house?  So I went in there to see and realized that JM was in the shower and it was Ryder making all that racket.

In my shoes.

I'm not sure what got into him with this cheesin, but I'll take it...

 In such a good mood, yeaaaah!

And one more (only thing I can think is I usually bribe him with candy if he'll smile good)

At what point is your kid too old for the stroller?  I thought we had a lot more time with it but he's practically hanging out of it, feet about to drag the ground.

This form of transportation is a little more his style

While John Michael was getting Ryder out of the car seat tonight after the park he said in this little whiny voice, "I tiiiired" and gave JM a big hug, and stayed there (a record).  It was priceless for a child who does not calm for one second. 

When we got him and ate dinner, I thought it was funny when I looked down at Ryder's plate and he had moved all the spinach over to the side on his chicken/spinach/noodle meal.  I asked him why, he said "I don't like dat stuff."  Good enough.

Battle scar

So I never forget, I have to type out some of the sweet things Ryder has said of late:
  • Tonight on our way to the park: "I'm sooooo excited!"  (never heard him say this before)
  • John Michael puts Ryder down a lot, but occasionally he asks for me :)  So tonight was one of those.  We rocked and talked for a little while then I got up to walk him over to the bed.  He started crying and saying "My pears, my pears"  I kept asking what he meant, I couldn't figure it out. Then I realized he was saying "My prayers, my prayers."  So we sat back down in the rocker and prayed away.
  • Also tonight, after I laid him down, and got to the door he said in the softest sweetest voice, "mama, cover me up" - something else I've never heard him say.
  • He loves to call me and JM (when either of us aren't with him).  This makes my day and is always a surprise.  When I see JM's name on the caller id, I never expect to hear "HEY MAMA!"
  • Not sure that this is considered sweet, but just funny, "Mama, I gotta boogie in my nose, get it out, get it out!  Boogie huwts my nose!"
  • And this cracks us up, after he tee's in the potty, he says every single time, "Gotta wipe with my paper nackin, I wonta big piece."  Where does he get paper napkin from?  

What kept you busy way back when?  This is what kept me busy...

My Hungry Hungry Hippo
 My Nintendo

My pogo ball
 And my skip it (if I remember correctly, it counted your skips)

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