Ballgames, Books and Fat Booth

First things first:  I really, REALLY don't want to do this, but it appears I have a blog stalker who has been stealing pictures from my blog and making a fake Facebook and using my pictures as their profile pictures (GET a life).  These were both pictures that were only on my blog, and never on Facebook, so I know that this blog is where they are getting the pictures, because I have my settings on Facebook where only my friends can see my pictures.  With that being said, if you follow my blog, and would like to keep following it, please comment below with your email address, or email me at brittgwilson@gmail.com.


John Michael took Ryder to his first Arrows game last Friday night.  I stayed behind and enjoyed a pizza/movie/popcorn/chocolate night with my girlfriends.  The football field is just down the street from us, so I saw them off in the stroller.

JM sent me this picture from the game, so I knew he was having a good time.


Moving on, we went to Starkville last Saturday with Ryder in tow.

Ryder and Sellers admiring baby Rip sleeping in the wagon.

Poppy feeding Walker and Ryder chips and cookies

This contraption below saved the day.  They put rocks in and out of this hole for over an hour.  It was a glorious hour.

Time to head into the game.
We love our season ticket partners!

It was the best we could do.

Before the bottom fell out for Ryder.

This face.  Not even sure what to say about this.

Luckily, Devin distracted him with a game of Pee Pie.

Whoops, that didn't last long.

Alright, time to go. 

Although our goal was to get through half time, we were pleased enough to make it through a whole quarter.  Better luck next time!


Some of the latest Ryder-isms that make me laugh:
  • When he woke up this morning and I went to get him out of his crib, the first thing he said was "I got a grasshopper in my eye, get it out mama, get it out!"  He used to tell us he had an ant is his eye, maybe they really are bothering him?
  • JM and I were getting ready this morning and Ryder was laying on our bed with his routine milk and Super Why.  All the sudden he yelled out, "Mama, Daddy, I love youuuuuu"  We both ran to the bed and smothered him in kisses, he's just so sweet!
  • Ryder as soon as I picked him up from school the other day, "Mama, I hit somebody."
  • He loves to give "neck sugars" where he'll bury his face in our neck and start smacking away, then he'll say "I don't want no neck sugars on me"
In other news, Ryder is in pull ups at school now.  I haven't started using them at home, but he surely asks for them.  I'll tell him I need to change his diaper and he says, "I wone my pull ups."

Ryder and I went to the library so I could pick up my newest reading venture, the Hunger Games series.  I have no idea if I'll like it, but we will see.  I recently finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.  It was really good so hopefully this will be as well.   And I finished Little Bee last night, don't read it. It got great reviews so I checked it out, but booooring.

Ryder loved the library.  He was in book heaven.

I couldn't get through one page of a book before he was already begging me to read 3 others.  

After the library, I told JM I was going to get Ryder some fall clothes.  He said he would leave work a little early and come along because he needed to run in Dick's Sporting Goods.  I said ok, because I just assumed it was to look around or get a shirt or something.  On the way I said so what do you need from Dick's.  He said, a 22.  I thought he was joking, because I'm not fond of guns.  I hate guns, I really do, they scare me.  Me and Ryder just rode around the store, he found a hat he could not let go of.  

Next we went to eat at Keifer's for supper with Kayla and Bennett.  Ryder looks pretty miz in this picture, but this was actually the most pleasant dinner we've had out to eat with him in a long time.  He was a sweet little punkin.  

I'm having a hard time convincing Ryder he does not need to sleep with all these animals.

Felt great Sunday so we went exploring

And found some tracks

Sunday night was cold so we built a fire and made smores. 
Ryder was mesmerized by this fire.

"Look I throwed a stick in dare"

He did not like the smores, only the marshmallows.

After bathtime we played with Fat Booth on my phone.

Don't laugh too hard, he didn't look much different at 11 months old.
I came across this picture the other day.  No Words.


  1. LOVE The Hunger Games! Enjoy!

  2. what in the world? a stalker?! you know i want to keep following. :)

  3. That is seriously crazy that someone is using your pictures for themselves. I don't even get it. There is some way to add an image on your picture and I think you can disable clicking on it too.