So this is what it's like?

...to have a two year old?

The day after his 2nd birthday party.  The tantrums begin.  He wanted to hold the bag of graham crackers by himself and we didn't want him to get messy before church.

We gave in, that's how it goes with us.  We need to toughen up.

Later that day we went to Kameron's 1st birthday party, look how cute!

Ryder and Levi

In deep thought.

My bebe

Cheering from home since his party was the day of the Auburn game, don't worry we know how to schedule, it was an away game.

JM must've caught my glares and got him out of the house so I could get my decorate on.

Ever since the day that crazy looking ice cream van came, Ryder wants a popcicle all the time.  Yeah, we're kinda redneck over here.

Last Saturday we ventured to the zoo.  We got there at 3:30 and found out they closed at four.  It was a zoo marathon.  Little cousins Walker, Sellers, Tucker and Ryder.

I wasn't kidding, I believe JM was in full sprint at this point.

CC & Poppy with Tucker, Walker and Sellers

Uncle John Michael quizzing the boys on what their favorite part of the zoo was.  Ryder claims his favorite part was Baby Jaguar, Giant Tortoise  and Woodpecker.  Go Diego Go is to blame for his response.

CC with her grandsons.

CC and Poppy kept all the boys that night (Ryder didn't spend the night but stayed until about 9).  I have a good feeling this won't happen again for a long time!  I think grandparents might've been a little worn out.


John Michael has been wanting a jeep for a long time.  I'm not a fan.  Not because of anything other than I think they are unsafe.  I told him he could get a jeep if he traded in his Tahoe.  He said no, he wants this jeep to have for fun.  He shared with me over lunch last week that he was going to look at one.  I agreed because I knew he would have a good time looking and then he would come home empty handed.  He did not come home empty handed.  He came home with a jeep, much to my SHOCK.

I was not very excited about this and warned him that I would "match his price" for myself (I know that's horrible, but c'mon, this was my only chance to buy things I want without him saying a word!)  So my friends, tonight I am typing in my bed on my new pretty MacBook, yes indeed!

Now back to the jeep, let me clarify some things.  At first I said Ryder would not be riding in this jeep.  Of course that didn't last long because every time Ryder walks outside he says he wants to ride in his jeep (I'm feeling confident JM has been practicing this with him).  So my agreement is that Ryder can only ride in this thing in Clinton and under no circumstances will he be going on the interstate.  I will stand firm on this!


More proof that Ryder is indeed two:

Tonight's events at Chick-fil-A:
First, I took a little bite of his ice cream.  He screamed very loudly for several minutes, then refused to look at me.

Still avoiding me at all costs.

Then on the way out I tried to sneak past the play area.

He's no dummy I tell you.

On our way out the door we passed two cops walking in.  Ryder was still screaming and I said to them jokingly, "I sure wish he was old enough to know what it would mean if I said "If you don't straighten up these police men are going to take you with them."  They did not think this was funny.  At all.  I was kind of embarrassed :(

Also, I feel bad because I told Ryder I would take him to Walmart and buy him a new book if we skipped out on play area.  I thought he would forget but he didn't.  He asked me why we didn't go to the grocery store to get his book.  Oops.  I was ready to get home!


  1. too precious!! LOVED Ryder's bday party pics MARTHA! Happy Bday Ryder! Wish we lived closer! funny about JM'S jeep! Craig is dying for one too and I feel the very same about it...hummm...los of things I could think that I want lol =) so funny ab the Macbook!
    kisses and hugs, kristin

  2. Oh how we feel your pain on the tantrums! It's not that I am laughing AT them, it is just so funny that we have been through and still battle the same issues. The ice cream pictures crack me up. Looks just like B! Take care!