A very Seussy birthday party

I have been planning Ryder's party for a while now because it takes me a while to get organized and have everything just so.  I can't do things on a whim like a lot of people, I wish I could.  Most everything was a DIY project - I do love a good project.

Here is my inspiration to the party!

The invitation - just made it on my computer and bought the cardstock and envelopes at Walmart, easy and cheap!

"Hat" cookies I made at midnight the night before his party, it was a last minute idea.

Utensils - I made the labels on my computer as well.  They say Ryder is Two!

Cake, made by Baker's Bakery in Clinton

Cupcakes, made by yours truly :)

I made the toppers on my computer as well.  I just googled Dr. Seuss images and cut them out in circles.  I found a template for the cupcake holders online and used a program to make the stripes and cut them out.  Another DIY project.

Party Hats.  I had some old party hats that said happy birthday leftover from Ryder's birthday last year.  So I took them apart and traced them out on this red and white wrapping paper.  The blue on the top is cut up pieces from a boa that I found at Hobby Lobby.  Supposed to look like the Thing 1 and Thing 2 characters.

These are images from book covers that I found once again on the internet.

Party favors.  I thought these looked Seuss-y enough.  Designed and printed these tags on my computer as well.

Had to frame that cute picture and put it out.

Poms that I made.  Saw the instructions in one of my Southern Livings.

I bought this cloth from Hobby Lobby and found the striped ribbon at Walmart and used fabric tape to stick it to the cloth all the way around.  No sewing for this mommy!

As guest left, they were asked to sign this Happy Birthday Book (these are even Dr. Seuss markers!)

The mantle decor.
I love my a & z bookends, found them for five bucks!

I scanned pages to my computer from our Green Eggs & Ham book and cut them out to make the banner.

Balloon wreath.  Another DIY.  Found instructions online somewhere.

Cake table.

My cookies.

And now for the food.
Crummies in your Tummies (Chips)

Oodles of Noodles (pasta salad)

Goldfish - Of course.

Yot in a Pot (cocktail sausages)

Truffula Sticks (fruit skewers)

And what's a Dr. Seuss party without GREEN EGGS and HAM!
(Nanni made these stuffed eggs and used food coloring, I would be clueless)

And ham (mini ham & cheese sandwiches)

Up next: Featuring some of our party guests, including our very own Dr. Seuss himself!
(I know this is long, bear with me!)

Oh, just waiting on my friends to arrive.

 Dr. Seuss (Brooke) trying to tell Ryder to come here

He said you can forget that!

Go fishing!
I created this little fishing game in my head and went to Hobby Lobby and they had everything I pictured.  I found some little wooden shaped fish and I glued a magnent to the back.  Then I got some wooden sticks, glued a piece of ribbon to them, and a glued a magnet on the end and wah lah.  A fishing pole.  It was a hit, surprisingly.  I printed the sign on the computer and stuck it to a handy BankPlus yard stick.

See, it's fun!

Ryder got a big'n

Preston and Pace caught a couple too.

Sellers was the only child who did not run from Dr. Seuss.

Thanks to Devin we have all the pictures you are viewing, she took my camera off my hands!

 Many parents thanked me for supplying a jump jump because they felt that their child would sleep really well that night.

 Ryder snackin with his aunts.

Our youngest party animal - Sofie, just 4 weeks old!

Party hat was cutting off his circulation (his head is still in the 90th % you know..)

I like how excited Ryder looks about getting to blow out his candles.

He got them both!

 Enough presents, can I go outside now?  And wear my new boots too?

Mom and Sister

Ryder and Swayze sharing the Foot Book

I like to think he's saying:
"Thanks for the party, mom!"


  1. Brittany - this was just too precious! You were so creative!

  2. I think this might be the best themed/thoughtful/i-want-to-attend-with-my-child-too party I have ever seen. You are craft-Y! LOVE this....and p.s. you need to plan our 10 year reunion. If you can do this with a 2 year old birthday party, i can't imagine what you'll do with the arrows!

  3. How cute!!! You did such a great job! You've inspired me to try to make a lot of the decor, etc. for Wilder's 1st birthday party myself :) Looks like Ryder had a great birthday!

  4. fantastic job! everything looked perfect! i need to get bitten by this crafty bug, bc i haven't yet...still waiting on it to happen.

  5. Your baby boy is way too cute and I am so glad that he had such a fun birthday party. Those cupcakes are looking really amazing and delicious too. I also want to plan a party like that for my son but I want to include some nice outdoor games too. Do you have few event locations like that in your mind that can help me?