Ryder Turned TWO Today!

Ryder, so that you will be able to look back at this one day, I want to tell you all the many things about yourself at the teeny tiny age of two. You:

  • Are 28 pounds
  • Wear size 24 months / 2T clothing
  • Wear size 7 shoe
  • Wear size 5 diaper
  • Count to twenty
  • Can point to all number’s 1-9 and say what number they are
  • Sing the entire ABC song without missing a beat and can point to most letters and say what they are
  • Can identify and say lots of colors: red, blue, purple, yellow, orange, green, pink, white, brown, black
  • Can identify and say lots of shapes: circle, triangle, rectangle, square, diamond, oval, heart, and even octogan! (pronounced otdon)
  • L-O-V-E watching tv, and are currently hooked on Diego and Super Why. But over the past year it’s also been Dora, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Clifford, Bob the Builder
  • Know how to ask for most things that you want (certain foods, milk, juice, tv shows, books, stuffed animals, toys, you name it)
  • Say your blessing before you eat, and you put your hands together and bow your head. You mostly squint instead of closing your eyes, and you call everyone out if their eyes aren’t closed.
  • Speaking of eat, you like all fruits, yogurt, applesauce, chicken, french fries and ketchup.  That's about it.
  • Ask to say your prayers before bedtime and you pray for everyone that you love
  • Will only get into your car seat if you can do it yourself. We are not allowed to help you anymore :(
  • Know and identify every animal imaginable and what sound they make
  • Know your full name, Ryder James Wilson
  • Know our names, Bitny Wilson and John Mitel Wilson
  • Talk up a storm and speak in clear sentences. There is never silence coming from you unless you are glued to the TV
  • Love to point out tractors and school buses on the road
  • Are very picky about your shoes and make it clear when you don’t want to wear a certain pair
  • Know all your friends and teachers names in your class and talk about them at home
  • When you don't want to do something, you say always say, "I don't want a milk more, I don't want to play more, I don't want diaper changed more", etc. (instead of ANYmore). 
  • You are most certainly in the terrible two's, BUT...
  • You make us laugh constantly, and it's always something new, everyday!
This morning we celebrated with muffins for breakfast.  But before they were ready I told him it was time to open his present.  He started pouting and said "I don't want present no more," I told him I would remember that next year :)

He sang "Happy Birthday to Ryder, Happy Birthday to Ryder, Ryder is TWO", all morning and all the way to school.

 He finally came around to wanting to open.

The funniest thing, when we ask how hold he's going to be, he holds his fingers up like "2" but he has to use his other hand to get his fingers in place.  So he'll be holding his 2 up and proud and then he'll look back at his fingers and they are back down.  He'll say "Where my two go?"

Later in the day, I took cupcakes to Ryder's school so that we could celebrate his birthday there.  It was another child in his class's birthday too, so we had a double party.

Getting ready to head to the cafe for cupcakes.

Bit of a meltdown walking down the hall.

Here are the birthday boys, Ryder and Solomon.

Trying to hold up "2"

Yum, Yum.

One more bite, please.

The class singing Happy Birthday.

Tonight we just ordered pizza and played outside.  Then CC and Poppy came by to bring Ryder his present.  Unfortunately he was in a mood and wasn't very sweet :(  But he ended the night in a good ole birthday bath from CC (she gives him much better baths than I give him!).  Now he's laying in his crib talking to his bulldog and his rabbit.  All in all, I'll say birthday number two was a success.  Now we've just got to get through his party Saturday.

We took Ryder for a little early birthday excitment to Chuck E Cheese on Labor Day.  I'm not sure he's quite old enough to fully enjoy it yet, but it was still fun, nonetheless.  And much, much smaller than the children's museum - A plus for us!

(Now I know why John Michael wanted to go so bad...)

We put Ryder on this horse and he started bucking like a wild man.

Look at his head, it was whipping back and forth, we had to take him off!

Nanni found John Michael's old glove at their house, so with the nice weather and all, JM's been out there "practicing" with him. 

Ryder and his Kayla.  Look at the cute Toms she got him for his bday!


Now this is what I call dedicated.  He was bound and determined to finish this milk.  In the end, sleep won. Watch below:  I think he fell asleep eight different times in this two minute interval.

Not two seconds after I clicked stop on the recorder.



  1. Love the video if Ryder drinking his milk, I was laughing out loud.

  2. I am in tears laughing with Craig watching Ryder with his Milk!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYDER!!!!! We love you!